Top 5 WordPress Plugins Your Blog Must Have

WordPress has grown to be the most preferred CMS blogging platform for both business and personal blogs. It is outstandingly seo’ed for search engines like Google, there is a whole realm of extensions out there, and there are also 1000’s of themes, some are paid but most are free. Irrespective of what you want from your WordPress blog, listed here are 5 plugins that you should have for your blog.

All in One SEO

This is one of the best and free SEO plugin that helps in optimizing a word press blog in a proper way. The All in One SEO plugin makes it simple to keep in mind the significance of SEO on each and every page, you just have to provide the details like title, description, and keywords, you want to rank for.  SEO cannot be overlooked when running a blog as with Proper SEO, you will be able to rank your blog higher in search engines to drive free traffic.

Hubspot Calls to Action

This is a lot more for the blogger who are running some kind of online business, but anybody who would like to direct visitors to a specific action will take advantage from this plugin. It will integrate superbly in the toolbar of your post manager, so you can put calls to action whenever you want. The configurations page enables you to make numerous calls to action that you can embed with quick codes anytime and anywhere you choose. Furthermore, it includes an evaluation function, so that you can monitor how many individuals have looked at your CTAs, and the number of individuals who have clicked

Social Sharing Toolkit

There are many extensions for adding social networking sites. I have tested a number of, and this particular one has been the most satisfying. You have an abundance of social networks to pick from, and it is simple to set up.


This is a service that is owned by Google itself which makes it possible for e-mail and RSS (Really simply syndication) subscriptions on your WordPress blog. It is really very simple to setup. You will get access to analysis, marketing resources, etc. The plugin by itself is an awesome, simple, clean created box that you can navigate around like a widget.

Subscribe to Comments

It allows individuals to subscribe for e-mail notices regarding your posts. It has a registration manager that enables individuals to unsubscribe from specific posts, prohibit all announcements, or in case if they want to modify their e-mail address, they can simply do that. It is really so easy.

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