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During recent years, the internet has become the premier location for supplemental income.  One method of developing an income flow, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, is becoming increasingly popular.  This method relies solely on the amount of internet traffic that flows through a specific website.  If a website receives more traffic, the advertisements on that site have a greater chance of being clicked by the website viewers.  Upon clicking the advertisement, the publisher receives revenue.  On popular websites, revenue is collected quite regularly and the total can stack up to very large amounts.  This method of collecting income is become more and more popular everyday; because of this, a vast number of search engines have begun Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns in order to collect their share of the revenue.  There are many bad PPC search engines, but there are quite a few search engines that deserve to noticed.

Top 5 Search Engines for Pay-Per-Click Advertising

1) Google

This internet giant is known by just about anyone who has used a computer.  Google owns over 500 domains and continues to grow.  Google is the largest search engine on the internet which currently owns other huge sites such as the popular video sharing site, YouTube.  Due to the search engine’s large size, Google’s pay-per-click advertising system, known as AdSense, is very successful.  Certain bloggers and website owners have been known to collect as much as 300,000 dollars using Google’s PPC system.  In order to make money online using Google Adsense, like all PPC systems, the site linked with AdSense  must have a decent amount of internet traffic.  It is also very inexpensive for advertisers to start an account and begin advertising.  Google is easily the best search engine due to its large size.

2) Yahoo!

Yahoo is not nearly as large as Google, but it is still extremely successful.  Yahoo’s PPC system is known as Search Marketing.  Search Marketing is just as good as AdSense, but it is a much smaller program.  Given the right amount of internet traffic, income can be collected very steadily using Yahoo! Search Marketing.

3) SearchFeed

SearchFeed is not very well known among the common internet user, however, it is a very smart business move for advertisers and publishers alike.  The start-up is very inexpensive for the advertiser and publishers can reap the same benefits as publisher’s using AdSense advertisers.  A large traffic website is necessary so networking via social websites can be helpful.

4) ABCSearch

ABCSearch is a very experienced and successful PPC Search Engine; this search engine has been around since 2001 and managed to survive the economic collapse with relatively little damage to the company.  This accomplishment can be largely attributed to the low cost for advertisers and the incentive programs that ABCSearch occasionally offers (As of August 2012, ABCSearch is granting 100 dollars of free advertising to new advertisers).  ABCSearch is very advertiser-friendly and quite cost effective.  Publishers can benefit from ABCSearch advertisements, given the right conditions.

5) Marchex AdHere

Marchex AdHere is not for all companies; this PPC search engine targets small businesses and local internet sites.  This search engine is very successful at targeting specific interest groups within a designated area.  Publishers can expect to receive a small amount of revenue from Marchex AdHere, but nothing substantial since the engine is relatively small.

Pay-per-click advertising is a very effective way of spreading a business’s advertisements to specific targets.  These five sites are very successful at PPC advertising and make business much more successful for all involved.  Bloggers and other publishers can also reap great benefits by taking advantage of the systems in order to generate a supplemental income.  Pay-per-click advertising is constantly growing and changing; it is in the advertiser’s and publisher’s best interests to master all of the tricks of the trade.

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