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Pay per click advertising is the most used way to gain traffic to a landing page to turn into conversions. There are lots of reasons for this which are highlighted in the article ‘Why Do Advertisers Choose PPC?‘. Baring this in mind, after deciding, as an advertiser, to start using PPC, you will then need to decide what PPC program you will want to use. There are lots of pay per click programs out there that you might want to use to create a campaign with. However, some PPC programs are more customised for certain others. Here are the top four PPC programs to use.



#1 Google AdWords/Adsense

This has to be the most undisputed number one place out there. Ever since Google introduced themselves to PPC, they have always been the market leader in providing an advertiser and publisher side to PPC. Seeing that 97% of Google revenue comes from AdWords and Adsense, it makes clear how successful Google are in PPC : millions and millions of people use it worldwide.



#2 Media.net

I rate extremely highly of Media.net. ‘Why?’ you might ask. Well, seeing that Media.net is run by the Yahoo and Bing network, you will know that if you choose to go with Media.net, you will be in good hands like you are with Google. What impressed me more than anything was the fact that you get your own mentor to help you with using the program. That mentor is a real life person that will stay with you throughout your whole experience with Media.net. This USP has definitely made Media.net popular amongst the internet.

Top 4 PPC Programs To Use 2013 - Media.net


#3 Chitika

I remember using Chitika a few years ago and having a horrid experience with them. I felt that I was not gaining great traffic because to gain the traffic, my adverts were pop-ups which, as we all know, annoy everyone. However, since then, Chitika has improved considerably to the point that has made them the #3 best PPC program out there. What they have done is diversify there products so that you can gain traffic others ways than through annoying pop ups. The adverts are more contextual which helps gaining much more relevant traffic to your landing page. Chitika also state that have over 200,000 websites associated with their publisher side. Although small compared to Adsense, this is still a large number to advertise to.



#4 Ad Dynamo

Ad Dynamo – what can I say about them? I have had a very up-and-down journey with them. Some campaigns work brilliantly with them while others leave me financially in tatters. I think the problem is that, above anything, Ad Dynamo is a South African company that concentrates on South African advertisers and publishers first over the world. However, since being created back in 2008, Ad Dynamo has been the PPC program that has grown the fastest – if they carry on this rate of progress, they will turn out to be a very good PPC program to use indeed!

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