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After the advent of Google Plus many users switched over to it quitting their previous social profiles. However Google Plus has many cons as compared to the pros. There has always been a sharp contradiction between Google Plus and the renowned social site, Twitter. When the ultimate result was considered, the latter always stood out in the comparison. It is a true fact that Google plus has some eye-catching features, such as Hangouts, Circles, etc. but Twitter is superior to it in all aspects. Let us see what are the advantages of using Twitter over Google plus.

1.  A very simple filter option in Google Plus than Twitter

The search or filter option provided by the makers of Google plus is very simple, which restricts itself to friend finder only. In case someone wants to search a post by a friend, he or she has to use the powerful search engine Google separately. However the filter options in Twitter are extremely powerful and amendable. It allows you to specify your search and produces the results accordingly.

2.  Limitations in connections by Google Plus, whereas Twitter is unbounded

Google Plus allows its users to connect up to 5000 connections only, whereas Twitter is devoid of any such restrictions. Twitter allows its users to follow others boundlessly. Therefore, being a user of Twitter you can follow as many people as you want. There are no limitations you have to confront.

3.  For precise reading Twitter is always a better option

People who love to read things precisely and only to the point, should always opt for Twitter than Google Plus. In Google Plus you don’t have to face character limitations, therefore you can go on scribbling as much as you want. Moreover Google Plus was basically made with the sole intention to overpower the social media giant, Facebook.

4.  Posting of links banned in Google Plus

All social media sites have relaxed themselves when it comes to posting of links along with user posts, except Google Plus. In Google Plus users cannot post links, whereas Twitter enables this efficient service. You can easily share links with your acquaintances on Twitter, which you won’t be able to do with Google Plus.

5.  No business support for Google Plus

Since its inception and until now, Google Plus has not received any branded business support, whereas Twitter is recognized and acknowledged by almost every renowned Business establishment in the world. The popularity of Twitter is growing at an exponential rate.

6.  Users Feeds in Google Plus are their only limitations

In Google Plus users can make posts only in those fields which were created by them. If an user wants to comment, he or she can do it only on the feeds created by other people. This means in Google Plus profiles are only partially visible, whereas in Twitter you get complete access to the profiles of those whom you follow, or who follows you.

7.  Profiles of the users of Google Plus don’t reveal useful information

On Twitter you get to know almost everything by taking just a glance at an user’s profile but Google Plus doesn’t reveal anything useful at the first look. Therefore you may not take the serious decision of adding a particular person in your circle, as you are unaware of his/her necessary attributes.

8  High-end Twitter clients available which makes it easy for users

There are many sophisticated Twitter clients available which makes its usage convenient for its users, whereas Google Plus doesn’t have these facilities till now.

9.  Google Plus is not much user-friendly compared to Twitter

Once you sign up for Twitter, it would take much time for you to get accustomed to its features and about what you are supposed to do out there, however, it is completely a different scenario in Google Plus in this respect. The features of Google Plus are not very user friendly and you may find yourself in a complex situation, as soon as you sign up to your home page. It takes quite a lot of time for people to get adjusted to it, as it doesn’t have a suitable user interface. This is one of the main factors why Google plus is failing to keep up with other contemporary social networking sites on the internet cloud.

10.  Twitter is totally focused on user’s satisfaction, unlike Google Plus

It has always been their endeavor to bring out features that can satisfy the users, and that is why Twitter’s popularity graph is moving up exponentially. Google Plus is failing in this respect as its prime concern is to beat Facebook. It is not much bothered about what users would like to have in Google Plus, but to overpower Facebook. It can rightly be termed as a clone social networking site on Facebook, or it can also be given the sobriquet Facebook+. This attitude of Google Plus will near it to its doom very soon.

This guest post is by Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar. He is a twitter addict and recommends his friends to buy twitter followers. Follow him on twitter to get all updates from him.


Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar is a part time blogger and self taught web designer. He can be found most of the time on Twitter tweeting useful blogging as well as designing tips.

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