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Temporarily disabled?

Or worse: Banned.

AdSense can be lucrative, but it seems awfully temperamental at times.

So what do you do when you don’t want to dance around Google AdSense’s moods?

That’s simple, you work with one of the many alternatives to AdSense instead.


The number one position on our list is Media.net. It is considered to be something like AdSense+ because of the exclusive access it provides to the Yahoo! Bing Ad Network, but it is not limited to that single network of advertisers. The Media.net platform is considered an industry leader and consistently ranks high, surpassed only by Google in overall ranking lists. In addition to the Yahoo! Bing marketplace, Media.net offers a wide-reaching range of advertising and monetization options across a global market.  Media.net develops monetization solutions that are innovative, effective and most importantly complementary to your user experience. The approval process for Media.net takes only a couple of days, and going live is extremely easy with consistent support from your Media.net Account Manager. Their prompt and reliable payouts leave you to focus on your core business and content. Media.net works well whether you’re already a publisher with a big audience or just starting out, their service focus is known in the industry for being the same for all their publishers.

PropellerAds Media 

With more than five years in the industry, Propeller Ads is one of the major networks in the industry specializing in pop-unders. There are specific niches that perform well including software, dating, games, media and gambling. In fact, if you are running a site in one of these niches, PropellerAds may be more profitable in the niche than AdSense, especially using pop-unders. PropellerAds works well with mobile traffic and they work closely with ad networks that monetize apps. With PropellerAds you can expect a good fill rate for countries like India, Turkey, and South Africa as well as tier 2 and 3 countries. You can expect to be paid on a NET 30 basis.


If you have a popular website with at least 50,000 page views per month, Adversal is an option for you. Adversal has a good click-through-ratio, and the images for the ads are site-friendly as well with pop-under and CPM ads as options. With Adversal there are options to use the program in different languages, which work reasonably well. When you sign-up for Adversal, you can expect a fast approval if you meet their criteria.


PopCash has been around in the industry for a while. PopCash specializes in offering pop-under ads that have good CPM. The network includes a deep inventory of ad choices for all countries with options for both mobile and desktop, offering you a range of choice for different websites in different areas of the world. PopCash works with PayPal as well as other digital wallets and sends money quickly – in as little as 24 hours.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is the largest store in the world, and there are definitely profits there to be had – especially around the holidays when online shopping is at its peak. When you’re writing a blog post or a review on your website, if your post refers to an item that can be purchased from Amazon, drop in the Amazon Associates link.

You’ll be able to include a dynamic image on the page from a company that customers already trust, which makes it that much easier to make a sale. If a customer clicks on your link and buys anything at all through Amazon, you make a commission on the sale. If you choose to, you can use Amazon Associates and Google Adsense at the same time.

Yllix Media

A user-friendly option for monetizing a website, Yllix Media is simple with a clear dashboard. Despite its simplicity, the network has decent CPM and there are many different monetization options available. The approval process is fast and simple, and once you are approved you have many options on how to put the network to work for you. With the standard pop-unders, mobile redirects, sliders and full page ads, you can get started quickly and easily and earn a decent click-through-rate.

Revenue Hits

A strong network that has been in the industry for several years, Revenue Hits pays for results and CPA. This performance network is ideal for niche markets, allowing a steady revenue experience from your smaller websites even in deep niches. With Revenue Hits, the platform learns from your ads after a few days, which allows a richer experience. You have your choice of monetization options as well ranging from banner ads to buttons. With Revenue Hits you have the option to use PayPal as well.


Chitika has many similarities to Google AdSense, which makes it easy to use if you’re already comfortable with Google’s network. With Chitika you can customize your ads and the network offers contextual ads for you to use on your various websites. This is another network that can be used alongside AdSense without penalty. Chitika is so similar to AdSense that it’s like using AdSense without really using AdSense. Chitika pays through PayPal or check.


Another network specializing in pop-unders, PopAds is a performance network with good rates and plenty of options for all countries. There is an option with PopAds for daily payment, provided you make at least $5 per day. The quality of the ads is good, and there are several options available including pop-ups, tab ups or tab unders and several more traditional options. Once you sign-up, you can expect to be approved in just a few minutes so that you can get started quickly.


Launched in the same year as Adsense, Bidvertiser has stood the test of time. A PPC network, Bidvertiser works on a bidding system. The highest bidder is allowed to place ads that look very similar to Adsense ads on high performing websites. While the ads do look similar, you do have the option to run the two networks side-by-side on your site. Bidvertiser offers almost immediate account approval and the rate of payment increases the longer you work with the network.

Perhaps one of the best things about the various options for adding ads to your website is that it is often not a black or white decision. You don’t have to choose one program at the exclusion of all of the others. You can start off by combining your advertising options to allow each to do what it does best, and use whatever works best. After all your profit is the primary motive with monetization options.

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