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I am sure that many advertisers have asked themselves the question whether they should use pay per click advertising or not. It seems an obvious question seeing that pay per click advertising is the most used form of online advertising out there and is used by millions of people worldwide. Surely the judgement of million of people cannot be wrong? Are you not meant to go with the flow sometimes? Well, there are people still out there (to your shock) that choose different forms of advertising such as banner advertising with . The question is ‘why?‘ Here are some bullet points about the benefits and drawbacks to PPC which makes people use/not use PPC as their primary form of advertising.


Why People Use PPC

  • As I have mentioned before, the fact that so many people currently use PPC strongly encourages new advertisers to use it.  You know you are in safe hands and risk free when you use an advertising form which the millions use.
  • PPC is a form of advertising that is instant. You can set up a PPC campaign within minutes. From this, PPC is also time efficient.
  • It is easy to budget in PPC because you only spend as much as you want to spend. Never before will you go over budget or into the red: PPC will pause the campaign once it reaches your budget.
  • PPC is a cost effective solution to advertising. By this, I mean you, as the advertiser, will get more value for your money. The money you inject into your campaign is directly proportional to the traffic you gain to your landing page.
  • PPC is also a contextual form of advertising. This means that the traffic entering your landing page will be targeted towards the keywords you used in your campaign. This will strongly increase the conversion rate of your campaign.

Why People Don’t Use PPC

  • It can be seen that PPC is a fierce advertising market to enter. You will constantly have to outbid competitors’ CPC to get prime ad placements on publishers’ website. In doing so, you will spend more money.
  • To fully optimise a PPC campaign, you will need to make constant tweaks to your campaign. PPC campaigns can be left alone. However, just like with everything, PPC and the market your campaign is in changes. Therefore, it can be seen that a campaign is always on a life support with the advertiser keeping it alive.
  • The concept of PPC is very simple. You pay per click you get. But, for some people, this is still a revolutionary change in advertising. People generally don’t like change. For this reason, they may resort back to an advertising form such as banner advertising which they know how it works better. The opportunity cost of PPC looks better than PPC itself.
From reading this, I hope you have made up your mind whether to use PPC or not. Whatever state of mind you are in, I think the important thing to do is try PPC out even if you don’t think you will benefit from it. Technology is forever increasing giving us advertisers the opportunities to new and better advertising forms. PPC is just one of them that advertisers should explore.

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