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Know Your Product & Market

May be it look so easier to you but in fact this part really needs a lot of attention as you should know your product very well. What I mean is that you should know what the unique selling points in your product are, that makes it different from the other products in the same niche? If you know these things very well, you can promote the potential buyers to buy your product with its unique selling points. After you carefully analyze your product and its unique selling points, its time to find the most appropriate market for your product, so, you can advertise it to the right audience. Once you find the best market to advertise your product, you will get the best results from your PPC campaign.

Google Ad Words

There are several PPC companies that are offer text and banner advertising options to the advertisers. But in my opinion, you should try Google Ad Words first as Google holds the biggest share in the advertising world. Google provides different tools such a keywords tool to first do the keywords research for your campaign, then the best tracking option so you can track your ads performance, etc. With Ad Words, you can very effectively run and manage your PPC campaign to get the desired results.

Track Your Performance

Success with PPC advertising is not just a one day process as you will lean many things by hit and trial. For example, it might be possible that in the beginning you select very generic keywords that cost you a lot of money and increase your PPC budget. So, it’s important to keep an eye on your over all performance. See which keyword/keywords are working for you and which not. What types of ads are getting more clicks and what are normally ignored?  Which part of the world you are getting most clicks and visitors? What are the age groups of people who are mostly interested in your product? Etc. This data is very important as it will help you to plan your new PPC campaign in a more effective way so, you can get the maximum return and maximum exposure for your brand or business.

Lastly once, you become familiar with Ad Words, you can try other PPC networks such as Face Book, Bing, Yahoo Market Search, etc so to target more and more potential visitors/buyers from all over the world.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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