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With the vast majority of website that generate traffic, the most popular way to monetize is through using pay per click advertising. It does not matter how much traffic you generate, you can customize PPC however you would like and, most crucially, it tends to be, by far, the best way to monetize traffic.

However, one of the main problems with PPC is extracting the best performance out of it. There are so many variables that it can seem an almost impossible task. With this, here are some of the mains tips you can use to help monetize any website that uses PPC.


Adsense is a Good Starting Block

The first tip is to choose the right program from the start. Google are the absolute kinds of PPC advertising online, especially considering how much they already dominate PPC with their search engine.

Google Adsense is a great starting place for new websites. This is especially the case considering the fact that Google Adsense now uses AI and machine learning to automatically perform A/B testing to auto-optimize the ad placements, sizes, and much more to make you the most amount of money.

The only problem with Adsense is that it is still limited to just three adverts per page. This is where the below comes into play.


Google Adx if you can get accepted

Google Adx is a version of PPC by Google, aimed at high traffic websites, that, in layman’s terms, provides more competition, more options and elements to customize, which ultimately results in websites making much more money than standard Google Adsense alone.

The main problem with Google Adx is getting accepted into the program. Google Adx is a base-by-base case acceptance into the program, where if you get accepted, you will have your own Google Adx manager helping you monetize the website. For this reason, Google are extremely strict who they add.


Ezoic (or alternative)

An alternative to Google Adx is to go for a company such as Ezoic, Sortable etc. that use header bidding, PPC networks, AI and machine learning to make you much more money than Google Adsense by itself.

Talking from experience, I have found that Ezoic makes around 2-3 times more money than Adsense alone, without any major implications from achieving this. You get your own manager to help you with your account and optimizations, and any other issues you are facing.

The only downside of the likes of Ezoic is the fact that it comes at a price. You can either:

  • Give Ezoic the revenue of one ad unit at the bottom of your website
  • Pay a monthly fee, proportional to your traffic
  • If you are accepted into using Ezoic Premium, pay for the premium service, based on the amount of AI credits you use (directly proportional to your website’s traffic)

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