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Being a webmaster, you job  is not just limited to drive traffic to the site by applying SEO techniques, your main objective is to also get conversations from your site. Once you become successful in getting targeted traffic, your next goal is to pay all your focus to make everything user friendly so, your potential buyers want to buy your product or service that you are offering.

In this article we will analyze different factors that will help you to get more and more conversations from your site, if you pay proper attention to them.

Increase In The Number of Search Results

The very first thing that you should do is to increase the number of search results on your site. What I mean is that when a visitor lands on your site and click on a category or try to search something on your site. Make your search setting such that it can bring maximum results. Do not restrict search results to 10 or 20 make it 50 as this increase in the results can significantly increase your conversation rate.

However, its significant to mention here that doing this should not increase the loading time of your website as internet user are looking for instant results. So, if your site takes too much time in loading, it will badly affect all your effort and you will not get the results you want as visitors will leave your site even without checking it.

Make The Price Seen Clearly With Every Product

People who want to buy a product want to know its price immediately as to decide whether to buy or not. So, make the price visible with every product you are selling as this helps the potential buyer in making a quick decision. Hence, make sure that the price is clearly visible on product page and also appear in search result with the product description.

Another good marketing tactics is that if you are offering any kind of discount with the product highlight it using a color so, it appear prominent compared to original price. Make your deal more appealing such as “buy 2 get 1 free”. This will attract a lot of potential buyers and you will see a dramatic increase in your revenues.

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