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The best part about the internet is that it does not impose any geographical barriers making it possible for you to expand your business on an international platform. Though it is necessary to have a strong consumer base in local regions, it is always lucrative to open doors on an international level. While you may be consummate with your clients on a regional level, expanding it on an international level might entail several barriers.

However, limiting your business on a local level means missing out on a huge chunk of prospective clients.

While some kind of businesses might make it obligatory for you to opt for a new approach, others might work even with a few alterations alone. With SEO turning out to be excessively competitive, there is a tough war for top ranks.

Tips for online Marketing Strategy on an International level:

  • Google has to know: It is necessary to first authenticate to Google about your objective. Google is smart enough to tailor your audience according to the instructions that you input. It is capable of both localizing and expanding your consumer base. Understanding the nature of search engines and their limitations can intensify your expansion plan.
  • An appropriate model has to be decoded understanding the cultural barriers, where language stands out to be the most important one. Even a small error can mislead the search engine entirely. Without stereotyping a culture, you can explore and study more about it to connect to them at a greater level. Identifying the right domain name with the two letter character is necessary i.e. .uk, .com, etc. With the help of GoogleAdwords, Google Webmaster tools and other Internet Marketing Services, you can surely prioritize your audiences. However, Google fails to recognize content on a country level and identifies the domain on a broad level i.e. .asia.
  • Simply translating the content or opting for a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work. One has to know one’s target audiences inside out.  It is necessary to be acquainted with the media, language and other practices that they have. Besides, there are certain countries that impose advertising regulations, which has to be considered. Without directly translating the keyword into the foreign language, one must try to use native keywords. While the Google translator might help, it will be additionally beneficial if you can take guidance from a native speaker.
  • Localizing strategy and altering it to synchronize with the needs of a specific country is essential. Right from the color scheme adapted to the varied symbols used, it is necessary to make it desirable to international audiences.
  • Social media is a potential platform to cater to audiences on an international level with the help of social media consulting services that are available. Facebook enables you to create multiple regional pages and localize different pages. Incase of Twitter, you can have multiple Twitter accounts and tweet in different languages. Adding subtitles to your video content can make your job easy.

While intensifying your business on an international level, it is necessary to prioritize your audiences on a local level. It is necessary to tailor your strategies in a way that it reaches out to a wide audience and at the same time, connects a chord with the audiences on a regional level too.

This guest post was written by Convonix, which is an internet marketing firm which specializes in running overall digital marketing campaigns for clients in the US, UK & India. Our team has worked with a lot of SMEs & understands the value of beating competitors on a local level. We regularly publish our research material on qualitative internet marketing websites for the benefit of webmasters worldwide.

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