In the end, it’s all about the conversion. You can play around with your ad copy, your landing pages and even your target audience… but the conversion is the end goal of all your testing and tweaking. Reading about how others are increasing and improving their conversions is always a great way to improve your ad campaigns, while also getting motivated by seeing others success.

While browsing through, I was looking for some of the best and most recent ways people were improving on their blog rss and ad campaign conversions. Take some time to look over the following three articles that piqued my interest!

It’s the holidays and everyone is buying as much as they can for all of their loved ones and everyone they can possibly think of. Everyone knows it’s Christmas, but reminding people how much time they actually have, is a great way to increase your conversions. ConversionVoodoo wrote up a great post on how they increased their conversions by 10%, just by including a Christmas countdown on their pages!

Unless you run a blog of your own, you will never really appreciate the true value of RSS and how important it is to the owner of a blog. Seeing a daily increase in your RSS feed is like money in the bank, and it’s also super motivating as well! This guest post on Problogger shows how you can greatly increase your blog’s RSS subscribe rate by lowering and removing outside distractions from your pages.

As mentioned earlier, conversion tracking means everything… so what do you do when your numbers simply don’t match up? PPC Hero goes into some great details on what you can do when you run into conversion tracking issues. It’s something none of us ever want to happen, but we need to know how to react when it does.

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