Whether you are trying to start up a small business, develop a web based sales arm for your existing company or just get your business higher up search engine results pages, a thorough understanding of internet marketing has to be a top priority in our modern world.  This post will go into three hot tips for internet marketing excellence.

With so much information available at a click of a button, it is down to Google and Co to weed out the very best pages for the search terms used and if you want your site to appear on page one, there are a few simple rules you need to follow.

Here are the hottest tips for a robust marketing strategy that will help you to start climbing the ranks of search results and get you the sales you know you can achieve.

1.  Get Optimized

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is, to many business owners, a bit of a black hold. The tactics of SEO professionals sometimes seem to be shrouded in mystery, so it seems to some business owners that they must spend thousands on SEO services to come anywhere close to being noticed by the bots that index their pages.

True, your rankings will be immeasurably boosted if you do invest in a professional SEO makeover, but performing the most basic of SEO by yourself is something most intelligent people can, and should, manage to some degree.

Think about the keywords your customers will be searching for when they search for your business, and make sure they appear two or three times on each page.

Make your site easy to navigate, with every page reachable within two clicks from the home page. And avoid using big pictures in the first 1/3rd of the page, as this is where the bots will search most closely for text to find out what the page is all about.

 2.  Don’t Scrimp On Quality

The old adage of ‘content is king’ is still as true in internet marketing today as ever before. If your content is well written and interesting, you will gather more natural optimisation and organic traffic growth because people want to read what you have on your site. Google can also phish out poor content, leading to detrimental effects on your search engine rankings

The growing popularity of blogging and social media means it’s harder than ever to make an original point, but always provide 100% original content online. Even the simplest topics can be given a new twist when approached with a fresh outlook.

Make your website experience a quality one too, the easier it is to use your site, the more likely people will be to explore it, share your content and come back to read more! This links back to the navigation tips already mentioned, but also includes the quality of content and images.

Let people share your content easily, using Twitter or Facebook buttons. Consider a Facebook like box that people can interact with directly on your page. Keep everything fresh with a blog or news page that is updated several times a week and don’t forget to allow people to sign-up to your email newsletters.

 3.  Network and share

There is little to be gained by having a beautiful, all singing and dancing website if nobody knows it exists. Thankfully modern forms of communication mean that every business has some easy and budget friendly ways to shout about their site without having to resort to paid advertising or expensive promotional campaigns.

Make a Facebook page, set up a Twitter account and network with other businesses like yours on LinkedIn. Use Google+ to find groups and individuals who like your products and really see your time invested here as time well spent. When you compare it to the cost of paid advertising, it’s cheap at half the price!

Another is to spend time making real valuable relationships with other blog writers and social media users. This means spending time simply reading other content, engaging with it, sharing your thoughts and sharing it with your own networks. When users can see that you are paying a real interest in their work, they’ll be more likely to share your blogs, content and products with their connections too.

Above all, it is important to remember that internet marketing success is not achievable overnight. Don’t be disheartened by the lack of instant results, keep plodding on. Focus on interacting within arenas you have real passionate for; this will make your internet marketing strategies more enjoyable and lead to faster, genuine results.

These strategies are long term investments, so dig in and make your marketing a part of every working day. Use web based tools to gain insights as to what is working best for your site, and before you know it you’ll be reaping the rewards of having a successful online business.

Oliver Burrell is an Internet Marketing & SEO expert and the founder of SEO2SUCCEED. He also has over 25 years’ experience in IT as a qualified software engineer.

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