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B2B marketers are usually proficient in an assortment of marketing channels, both physical and online, ranging from trade shows to organic search, content marketing, email marketing, social marketing, to name a few of the more typical ones. However, paid search marketing may be unfamiliar territory for most marketers and can act as a minefield that can lead to expensive or disastrous consequences. Some common mistakes:

Rushing the Process

It is quite understandable that the company management will want the PPC campaigns to be in place to take full advantage of the traffic generated. Although, when there a need to launch the search without being fully ready you can expect problems occurring in landing pages, tracking of conversions, and the integration with other available marketing channels. When the custom landing pages are not in place, there is likely to be a significant impact on the conversion rates that may even jeopardize the entire PPC program. If conversion tracking is not possible then it would be impossible to figure out the performance level of the campaign that again can make it impossible for justifying the viability of the program. Non-integration with other marketing channels will invariably either lead to opportunities being lost or cannibalization between different channels.

Tweaking the Campaign without Supporting Data

One of the biggest advantages of PPC campaigns is that it is possible to make changes with very little effort on the fly unlike most of the other marketing channels. However, because of this, there is a tendency for the management to constantly keep on tweaking the campaign even without waiting for hard data to come in to support the changes. Experts in SEO consulting in Calgary suggest that it is usually preferable to reevaluate after a certain volume of transactions has been reached instead of a time interval.

Failing to Bid on Your Brand

In PPC parlance bidding on brand refers to making your brand name a keyword. This means that when a query is fired by a user with the brand name, it will have your advertisement displayed along with the search results. Novices in B2B marketing may well think that bidding on the brand is irrelevant because the SEO efforts would have ensured that the site has a place in the organic search results. However, when both are combined it leads to a greater brand presence. Also, marketers can ensure greater control over click-through pages and messaging with PPC in comparison to organic search. Further, by not seizing the advertising space, you automatically leave it vacant for your competitors to occupy it and drive revenues.


B2B PPC marketing is difficult as it is without mistakes derailing the process. Therefore, when engaging in paid searches, it is vital to prepare well before launch and you must not rush the process just to meet a deadline. Even after the launch, it is important not to keep on changing the tactics without proper analysis of data and without a valid reason. Bidding on your own brand is mandatory unless you want to cede ground to competitors.

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