At, we are pretty much always discussing what is in the future of the industry.  These talks often show us the future of our income, and also helps us keep our clients’ best interests in mind, as well.  We need to make sure we know what is coming down the road.

Typically, there are many challenges in the PPC world that come and go, but these are the three that I feel it important to identify and explain in my post today.


  1. The industry is severely lacking qualified experts.  If I call into Google of all places, or Yahoo, and the rep does not always know how to improve your QS, or how to generate more leads for a certain account, then obviously we can assume that there is a shortage of experts in this industry.  It is mind boggling how many different answers that we have gotten here for the exact same question.


  1. Industry Evolution is speeding up.   Google changes its’ algorithm every 5 minutes, it seems.  This is true for all search engines.  They will add to their QS, release new features and bells & whistles, at an astonishing pace.  For your typical PPC guy, it is crazy difficult to keep up with all of that!  While we shouldn’t fear change, we also need to be conscious of how quickly we are changing the fundamentals.  Change is going to happen regardless, so the biggest advice out there is to keep up with everything as best you can.  We can probably take some lessons from any of the Fantasy sports junkies, as they seem to be able to keep an eye on change at a better rate than anyone else on planet earth.


  1. Increasing Competition in the Paid Search Market.  Competition is necessary, and positive.  It drives the market.  Lowest prices, innovating products, brand awareness, and marketing are all places that companies compete in.  Obviously, companies have jumped in headfirst into the PPC pool, to compete there as well.  This means that we need to be innovative with advertisements, and also makes it harder to get a lower CPC.  Make sure ads are relevant to the user’s query, and this will help substantially.


That all being said…..What do you guys think are the biggest challenges out there in the PPC world?



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