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How can pay per click advertising advertisers gain success? To this question, there are many answers. You could look at how the advertiser How to Think Ahead of the Game in PPCoptimises their landing page or even out specifically what they are selling – is there a strong enough market for what they are trying to sell? However, on top of all the little ways you can improve your campaign, there is one way to make a success of it that stands out above the rest: time. The timing of your PPC campaign is so significant in making a success of it. Here are the main reasons why you should always put the timing of your PPC campaign above anything else.


It Has Much More of a Potential When Timed Right

What I mean by this is that if you time your campaign at a good part of the year, you will find that the rewards will be much higher than, lets say, 2 months before that. The perfect example to that is Christmas. Most businesses actually make most of their money just at Christmas. Therefore, if you are not taking advantage of Christmas too, you should! The main reason for this article is to make advertisers aware that it’s roughly two and a half months away from Christmas. This is the perfect time to start creating your own Christmas campaign. By starting on your Christmas campaign now will mean that it will be up and running at the best possible time in preparation for Christmas (roughly near the end on November time).



It Will Give You An Advantage To Competitors

Most advertisers, except for the clever ones, will only start to make Christmas campaigns when they start to see Christmas campaigns up and running. By this time, it is probably too late for the advertiser to recover the deficit of time between their campaign and the campaigns they see up and running. By starting extra early before a major event will ensure that you will be the first to get your campaign up and the first to gain the benefits of the events publicity. Ideally, you want your campaign to be the first and last up.



You Can Think Ahead Without Time

This article is not just about getting a campaign up before your competitors do for Christmas. You can think and get ahead in PPC through lots of different ways. One way I find extremely useful is through creating a campaign which reacts to real life events as they unfold. A great example of this is the Thor campaign which took advantage of the storm that swept the UK in late October 2013 claiming it was because of Thor (giving the film some good publicity). You have to understand that there is always something that has lots of publicity all the time. Therefore, the more you can relate a campaign to these events, the more publicity you are likely to give your campaign.

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