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Pay per click advertising is one of, if not, the best way to advertise something online. PPC programs such as Adwords has opened the The Two Main Things You Can Promote With a PPC Campaignwhole world up so that just about anyone can advertise anything to everyone. However, this can be seen as a problem. If you can advertise anything to everyone, what should you specifically advertise then? Making a PPC campaign too general will deeply affect your conversion rate because web users want to know exactly what they are getting themselves into when they make that successful conversion for you. Below are the five main things you can advertise using pay per click advertising.



It is important to also know that whatever you advertise via PPC, you must always have a landing page. The homepage to a website is not a landing page. Whenever you are using PPC, make sure you have created a webpage specifically designed for the traffic from that PPC campaign.


A Product

This is the number one ‘thing’ advertisers advertise on PPC. However, it is becoming increasingly harder to gain conversions from products (being sales) because of the recession. More people have less money which will result in less being bought. However, since product related adverts will only appear with certain keywords such as keywords with ‘buy’, it makes clear the web user has gone online to buy something. It is all well and good selling a physical product online and advertising it using PPC. But, you will need to remember postal services etc. which may reduce your profit margin.


The thing about advertising a product is that sometimes, you won’t want to identify the conversion as a sale. You may be advertising a product using an infomercial page or click through page so that you can introduce web users to your product in detail. This is usually the case for products at the start of their product life cycle.




Whatever you are buying, it is going to be classed as either a product or service. A service is a great thing to advertise through PPC because it requires no posting and is usually much easier to manage. An example of a PPC campaign which advertises services is All offer is people that can do services for others for just $5 and five dollars only. You know they are an expertise in their field and that results are usually pretty fast. You will also know that there is somebody at the other end of a computer performing a service just for you. Sometimes, you may find a service will perform better than selling a product.


The one problem about advertising services is trust. Trust on the internet is notoriously low because of scammers claiming they can make you ‘$10,000 in just one week!’ Whatever you offer the web user, make sure it does not sound too good to be true because if it does, the web user will simply click away. The aim is to make the service’s price realistic without losing you too much money.


Ultimately, pay per click advertising is so flexible that you could just about advertise anything and still gain contextual traffic that would be interested in performing you a conversion. I will leave you with what I said at the start – to sum PPC up, anyone can advertise anything to everyone.

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