If you are trying to find a way to quickly grow your business or offer more of what you are offering, then you should certainly think about putting viral video marketing to your marketing plan. The benefits of video marketing are extremely economical and long-lasting. You can reach a wide range of audience in little or no time. After reading this post you will be persuaded that viral video promotion is something you must benefit from.

First of all, advertising with videos is extremely affordable. It does not take any fancy and pricey tools to begin with. A lot of individuals are using their camcorders to create simple videos regarding their merchandise or services and posting them on to websites like YouTube and Meta Cafe. Several individuals use screen capture application to create short videos and are receiving lots of views. Viral online marketing makes it achievable for individuals who are on a fixed budget to jump straight into internet advertising and enjoy success.

Having a fixed budget is no more a hurdle to success with viral video marketing. Another remarkable advantage is the fact that the video clips you make are very long-lasting. Once you make a video clip, it will be all over internet and frequently get more and more visibility. This is incorrect with other types of marketing techniques.

Viral online video marketing has an extended shelf life which implies that you get the rewards of that single video you made in the past for several weeks to months and even for years to come. Most likely the biggest advantage of viral video promotion is that it enables you to reach a considerable number of individuals in a reasonably short time.

Websites like YouTube has millions of hits every day so, if you are on first page, it means you have tons of free traffic to your website and lot of exposure for your brand in no time

One more thing that you should do is to optimize your videos for your desired keywords. This is very important as an optimized video will get rankings in Google and other search engine so besides YouTube traffic, you will also have the natural traffic from search engines. So, how to optimize your videos? Simple, just keep the basic SEO guidelines in your mind.

  1. Always use your keywords in the Title,
  2. Use keywords in the description.
  3. Use proper tags that best describes your video
  4. Build some quality back-links.

You job is done. Now wait for each engines to ranking your videos so, you can enjoy free traffic meaning more exposure and more profits.

Video marketing is just one free technique to drive traffic to your website; you can also use other techniques to have optimum results for your business.


John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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