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Do you think that writing a brilliant piece of ad copy is going to help your website convert more visitors? Well, you could not be more wrong. A brilliant ad copy or a graceful interface may help you engage the visitors but it is the Call to Action button that eventually does the trick. CTA button represents what actions you want your visitors to perform. For example, do you want them to contact you or do you want them to subscribe to your newsletter? Depending on the answer, you are going to design the button. Usually, webmasters use certain texts on a button like – ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Get A Quote’ and this is what is known as Call To Action.

Now, it may appear that designing a CTA button is fairly easy but it is just the opposite. A minor mistake in the approach and you are doomed. The very success or failure of your website depends on this ‘Call To Action’ button and therefore, you should be very careful while tinkering with it. Below are some tips to create a killer Call to Action button for your website –

Color Scheme

Color plays a pivotal role in the decision making process. Color can act as a psychological trigger and therefore, you will have to make sure that you are picking up the right color for the Call to Action button. The color of the button should be in contrast with the background color. For example, if you can’t use red CTA button against an orange color background image because in that case, it might get lost in the background. Pick contrasting color so that it grabs the attention of people easily and this is the main purpose of CTA button.

Use the Right Words

Just using some vague words like – ‘Click Here’ may not work well for your marketing campaign. You need to tell people explicitly about what the visitors might expect after clicking the button. For example, if the Button is linked to Contact Us page, you should be using the word – Contact Us rather than vague word like – ‘Click’. In case of any subscription, use words like – ‘Get Subscribed’ etc.

Try Different Sizes

There is no hard and fast rule here. You will have to try different options. The best thing that you can do is – A/B testing. You need to offer different versions or sizes of the same CTA button and then figure out which version is working fine for your campaign. Once you have zeroed in on that particular one, bingo! However, if you are finding it tough to come up with different designs for the A/B testing, you should be trying MotoCMS. It has wide range of templates available to choose from and its latest version MotoCMS 3.0 comes with plethora of features that will further facilitate the process.


Location is very important for a business organization. It can make or break its prospect and the same can be said of the position of Call to Action button. You need to make sure that the button is placed prominently on web page. You simply can’t make it look overcrowded by placing other designing elements around it.

Keep It Simple

This is what most people fail to understand. There is no need to overkill things when it comes to designing a Call to Action Button. You need to make it as simple as possible. Use proper words and a solid background and it can do wonder.

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