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Everyone knows that WordPress is a powerful peice of software and that it powers millions of web sites and blogs across the Internet. To truly appreciate the value, power and numbers behind WordPress, we have to see a visual breakdown of everything WordPress has to offer, which can be seen in the infographic below.

The first section of the below infographic gives you an idea of how many people are using WordPress worldwide. The following section gives you a quick look at what WordPress is, and some of the tools and functions that it has to offer.

The infographic then moves on to let you know the number of people that are viewing sites that are powered by WordPress, and how many pages are being viewed on those websites. The next section shows some of the more popular sites that are powered by WordPress.

The next section shows the potential customer the most popular plugins for WordPress and how many people are using each plugin. The infographic then lets you know that this is now the most popular CMS program in use on the internet.

The infographic concludes by telling you about some of the more popular commercial themes that are available to you if you use WordPress to power your website. The last section shows you the percentage of new sites that use this powerful program.

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