If you have taken the basic steps to creating a Facebook Page for your business, you probably have been happy with the results.  You’ve had the opportunity to interact with your fans, you might have built up your followers over time, and you’ve built some goodwill.  However, now is probably a good time to take those customer relationships to the next level.  These tips will take a basic Facebook business page and turn it into an .

If you haven’t done this already, you need to run some sort of promotion through your Facebook page to collect the email addresses of your fans.  This is easily done through a custom application installed onto your page.  Studies have shown that Facebook fans are very willing to share their email address, with rates of up to 70-80% of Facebook page fans willing to share their address.  Once collected, add those addresses into an email list mailing service. Constant Contact is a service you may already be using for your business.  Be sure to add those names to a custom list marked as “Facebook contacts” so that you are able to track the click through rates in your email blasts specifically for Facebook leads as opposed to just general email addresses you have.

Be sure to look at the free analytics that Facebook provides, both for you site itself, as well as the analytics for the custom app that you installed.  These free programs are invaluable sources of information.  It can tell you who your customers are, and what kind of interactions they enjoy participating in on your page.  This can really help you develop the correct “voice” to use when interacting with the public.

Create a Facebook ad, and target friends of your current fans.  It makes sense that friends of your fans are good potential new customers.  Ask them to “like” your page in the ad, and you can see the numbers grow.  At the same time, you can create multiple ads, and use the analytics to determine which of the ads are most effective.  Experiment, and see what works and what is a waste of your time.

With the advertisement, you are looking for between a 2-4% click through rate from page impressions on the ad.  In addition, you want to have about 25% of all clicks to be a fan of your page.

Remember, that people that are fans of your page WANT to hear more about your business or product from you.  These are considered warm leads in the industry, and they should want to interact with them.  Run promotions, offer discounts, and encourage conversations about your brand.  This will help build rapport with your customer base, and help to increase the number of fans that your page has.

Finally, if your campaign is a success, don’t keep that information to yourself.  Share that information through a press release through your industry’s normal press channels.  This will generate even more press about the success of the campaign, encouraging even more attention and success.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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