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Everyone loves card games, and many online marketers have a . I thought it was a pretty cool concept when I got an email from Secret Ninja Superhero, Jarrod Wright about his latest infographic.

As a big fan of comic books, collecting cards and of course internet marketing… everything in the infographic grew my interest and I was quite thrilled with the time, design work and effort that went into the whole thing as well. If you love any of the mentioned, I’m sure you will enjoy the infographic as well.

The concept behind Jarrod’s infographic is that they wanted to bring a humorous, while real look into the world of SEO and how annoying and frustrating it can be with all the arguments on what works in SEO and what doesn’t…. especially among leading SEO communities and gurus.

No matter what you think of SEO, black or white… you should be able to get a kick out of the SEO, THE GAME infographic below.


SEO the Game by Subtle Network Design

Special thanks to SEO The Game Infographic © 2012 Subtle Network

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