The Ease of PPC 14 Dec 2011

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One of the most innovative and lucrative types of web-based advertising available today is the pay per click advertisement campaign or PPC.  These types of advertisements are of crucial importance when trying to improve your company’s public exposure and ranking among the Internet search engines such as Google and Bing.  While many small-business leaders believe that PPC is too expensive to afford, because of the high costs associated with the PPC firms, this may be a misconception.  The reasons for this is that many of the software companies associated with nationally recognized search engines such as Google and Bing have developed their own versions of PPC software, which are available for purchase from online retailers.  Furthermore, both Google, which is the creator of Adwords, and its competitor Microsoft, which has designed Adcenter, offer interactive certification programs, which are designed to assist customers who are learning to use these two types of software for the first time.  The use of either adwords, or adcenter allows users to post PPC advertisements on Google and MSN-based websites respectively.

Furthermore, some socially-based websites such as Facebook have also begun to develop their own unique style of PPC-based advertising, which is available or business owners.  In fact, Facebook ads boasts that use of its program will allow small-business owners to reach over 800 million people, who are all potential customers.  Also, all three of these types of programs allow the advertiser to tailor their ads to their target audiences.  Facebook ads, adwords, and adcenter allow you to select your target audience based on age, location, interests, gender, and ethnicity.  Based on this information, these programs can help you reach the customers that you want, while avoiding wasted time and effort trying to attract the customers which are less likely to benefit from your services.    Due to the fact that many of these websites and corporations such as Google, Bing, and Facebook are internationally recognized, the use of these programs could possibly allow you to increase your customer/client base exponentially, expanding your businesses influence across the globe.

Facebook ads, Adcenter, and Adwords can greatly improve the effectiveness of your business is advertising campaigns, without the need for massive budgets and great expenditures.  These types of software allow the independent business owner to advertise to the people they wish, no matter where they are, free from the influences of larger corporations.  The use of these programs will also allow you to increase your company’s rank within search engine such as Google or Bing, while Facebook ads allows you to use your “like” button to improve your own businesses rank within the Facebook community.  At the same time, you can also use the Facebook features to keep potential customers informed of developments as well as improve your chances of success.

Based on the information presented in this article, the Internet and its host of websites such as Google, Bing,, and Facebook are now beginning to influence the conduct of online commercial business, and will continue to do so for quite a long time.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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