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If you are new to Internet marketing, you probably read a lot of articles regarding various types of online business marketing schemes such as direct advertising, network marketing and affiliate marketing. This three concepts are entirely different from each other specially when it comes to earning opportunities. This article will explain to you the basic applications for each of this money making methods.

First of all, most Internet marketers often misled about the idea for each of these marketing concepts. Others even thought that this terms are just synonyms of affiliate marketing which is obviously misunderstood. If you are competing in the world of Internet marketing, incorrect knowledge about this three concepts could result to failure.

How can it affect your Internet business? Simple Internet marketing cannot be accomplished properly if you don’t understand the true nature of ¬†direct marketing, network marketing and affiliate marketing. It can lead to wrong strategies with regards to marketing and won’t help build good reputation on your business brand.

So before you plunge into something that you are not familiar with, it is much better for you to understand first the differences between this three marketing concepts. It is important to note that any of this concepts can be done in both off-line and online businesses.

Direct Marketing

This is a type of advertising that allows businesses to directly communicate to the customer or buyer. This can be done in mobile messaging, email, interactive websites, online ads, catalog distribution, promotional letters and of course outdoor advertising.

Based on these definitions, the main difference of direct marketing from other marketing concepts is that the advertiser selects a specific publisher or individuals to do the promotion. Similar scenario when it comes to online business, the advertisers or businesses directly negotiate to a certain publisher (blogs or websites) to host its ads. This can be in the form of text ads, banners ads, product reviews or guest post (for blogs).

Websites or blogs that are relatively popular in their market relies heavily in direct advertising. This means that if your site receives tons of organic traffic, you will also be the apple of the eye of most advertisers. More advertisers means more profit for you. That is the beauty of direct

Network Marketing

It is a type of marketing method in which the sales force is compensated through the sales they personally generated and as well as the sales of their second to fifth generation recruits. It is important to note that network marketing is similar in nature with multilevel marketing (MLM), pyramid marketing and referral marketing.

Usually, network marketing businesses has the reputation to be illegitimate or scam because of its business structure model which only benefits the top most recruiter in a given network. From the many points of view of network marketers, it is an opportunity to earn money without big capital with less marketing effort. Network marketing is a widely used business model which are most often applied in traditional businesses that promotes different types of product lines.

In online business, network marketing is also widely used by some of the best web based businesses such as Global Domains International and Global Virtual Opportunities. Referral marketing on the other hand can be seen in various affiliate programs that are sometimes called multi-tier marketing which will be discussed in our next marketing concept.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a marketing method in which a business rewards its “affiliates” for each visitor (impression) or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own
marketing efforts. This rewards can be in the form of cash, gifts, discount coupons and many other types of commissions. It has four main characters – the
merchant (business or brand), the network, the publishers (affiliates) and the customer.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best monetization method in any types of online businesses today. It can be used in both website and blogs and offers
higher payout than pay-per-click advertising programs. It also offers multi-tier network marketing which is derived from referral marketing concept. So
basically, you can earn in affiliate marketing in two ways – one from your own generated sales and two, from the sales generated by your referrals. This is the
reason why affiliate marketing beats any types of monetization program in the Internet.

Now, these three marketing concepts offers different opportunities for you. It is highly important to know several factors before you apply any methods for
your online business. You can also combine all of these methods if you think you can maximize them all in your site. Whether you run a website or a blog, the
best way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. There are hundreds of affiliate programs out there and you only have to choose the best program in
your niche that converts well. You can find some of them in this blog so check them out now!

This guest post was written by Noah Mark Rodolfo, an Internet marketer and devotes most of his time sharing free quality information regarding the big industry of online business. Read more of this types of useful articles on his website at Home Based Business.

Zac Johnson is a online marketer with 15 years of experience and also a blogger at BloggingTips.com and ZacJohnson.com, as well as the author of Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger on Amazon.com.

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