On performing the strategy, think about the long-term significances of your strategy. Pay attention to how it can impact the overall performance of your company and the popularity it may develop in the online world.

You can begin shifting each PPC advertising campaign to your new Adwords account. It might take a couple of days for the Adwords to adjust and recover its impression volume however things will begin to acquire after a while.

Once all your PPC campaigns are shifted to your new Adwords account, you can begin improving your advertising campaign by relocating your keywords and phrases. Here are the recommendations in shifting 100’s or even 1000’s of your keywords and phrases without having your account get banned

Do not transfer all the advertising campaigns simultaneously. With the help of the strategy that you have arranged, move them gradually in accordance with your plan.

Organize the PPC campaign by performing an evaluation to figure out the weak components so you can only move the best things to new account. You can remove those keywords from your campaign that are not performing well. You can reconsider your bid price and you can also add negative keywords. All these adjustments will help you to get best results.


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