Twitter is one of the world’s most populated sites, and a great way to solicit interest from new partners, client companies and customers. What are some of the best apps for Twitter that can boost your Twitter followers? Before we consider the top 10, let’s stop and review some of the essentials of marketing Twitter. Twitter is a website that favors concise writing; with 140 characters, you have only two or three sentences (sometimes one) to either make a point or share a link. Therefore, your primary objective with (rarely), share the work of others plenty, and generally associate with everyone within your circle.  Here are the Best 10 Best Helpers for Twitter: Apps and Other Sites that will help you to Social Network your business to the top!

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You can do a great deal of marketing work merely using Twitter’s self-contained tools, such as the follow options, the hashtags, and the connection options. That said, there are at least 10 great apps and sites to start using that will help you find more followers. Let’s review…

1. Manage Flitter
Manage Flitter is a means of managing all of your followers, (and it’s much easier to find followers than it is to find Facebook friends!) With this tool, you can edit and manage all of your leads with just a few clicks. You can also discover what persons or companies are following you back, and who is perhaps making a mess of your stream by posting too much in a day’s time.

2. Buffer
Buffer allows users to tweet efficiently, since you can drop future tweets into a queue (when you’re brainstorming) and then schedule them to be posted at an ideal time. This way, you can post in the morning, the afternoon, or at night—whenever you prefer.

3. CoTweet
CoTweet allows you to keep track of tweeting conversations, directing all of the tweets sent to you directly to you. You get an easy to use interface and can check the history of back and forth of any person you follow.

4. is a community management tool, one that helps you keep track of your network and show you the people who are reacting positively to your posts. It lets you know who you’re “influencing”, as indicated by mentions and shared links. This is a great way to reach people beyond your established network.

5. Argyle Social
What good is Twitter without keeping track of social metrics? With Argyle Social, you can find out some very detailed information regarding the behavior of your followers. You can track details such as how many clicks you received on your links, where your visitors to your website are coming from and more. This allows you to measure all of your social media pages and make decisive decisions as to which site is making you the most money and or connecting with the most leads.

6. Refollow
Refollow lets you uncover the sordid truth about who is not tweeting you, who’s never tweeted you and who’s gossiping about you (but not following you). It also gives you the ability to check a person’s bio page and stats before deciding to follow him/her. After all, you don’t want to waste time following a loser, a stalker or even someone who preaches the exact opposite of your message.

7. TweetDeck
TweetDeck lets you group Twitter users together as well as any terms to follow during the chat. Other features of this hand application include the ability to post to other social networks, schedule Tweets at a specific time, or create search terms to monitor your company and industry. You can even track specific events!

8. TweetLevel
TweetLevel offers you the chance to keep an eye on others for Twitter topics as well as users. You can search and analyze hashtags in order to learn more about a specific subject. You can also assign an order to Tweets according to general popularity, influence (or mentioning you, sharing links, etc.) and trust.

9. HootSuite
This app gives you the ability to add a variety of different profiles, not to mention schedule future Tweets and increase the speed of your Tweeting, thanks to its smooth and friendly interface. It also provides you with extensive analytics on your Tweets so you can determine responses to the social networking activity.

10. inboxQ
This tool is highly valuable, as it lets you scan the Twitter verse and discover who is asking questions that you are capable of answering. It’s very easy to miss this amid a crowded feed; and without this web tool you will easily lose track of questions and answers—and possible branding opportunities. The good news is that inboxQ makes it easy, by inserting the most common keywords in your chosen industry.

Of course, there are plenty of other Twitter tools out there, and more on the way, as the site and the “app” continues to dominate concise messaging worldwide. Keep up to date with these great social networking opportunities!

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