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With this article being a two-parter, we have already looked at three USPs PPC has over other forms of advertising online. These three The 6 USPs Of PPC Advertising [Part 2]USPs were the fact you only pay per click, there are millions of advertisers and publishers globally and that to set up and maintain a pay per click campaign is a pretty quick and easy task in comparison to other forms of advertising. Three down with three to go. Here are the remaining unique selling points of pay per click advertising which separates it from all other forms of advertising online.



PPC Is Cheap

Separates PPC from banner advertising.

The problem with banner advertising is that you do not set the prices of the adverts you want to buy. Instead, it is in the website owner’s control when it comes to price setting. This can be seen as a serious problem which does not occur with PPC. Publisher’s cannot not directly control the cost per click of the adverts displayed from Google Adsense. The way the pricing of adverts work in PPC is through competition of keywords which comes back to the old saying ‘supply and demand’. Therefore, you control the price of keywords and you can control your maximum CPC. This makes PPC an extremely cost efficient solution to advertising.



Contextual Targeting

Separates PPC from banner advertising.

Again, another problem with banner advertising is that you have to do the contextuality manually. By this, I mean you have to recognise what websites you should advertise on and what websites you shouldn’t. However, there will be times when advertisers will pick the wrong websites to advertise on when using banner advertising. For example, Ferrari may advertise on which is more aimed at affordable cars, not flamboyant expensive super cars. With PPC, you just put the keywords in related to your campaign and the PPC program will do the contextuality for you. When it comes to bringing related traffic to a landing page, PPC cannot be beaten.




Separates PPC from banner advertising.

To make things clear, the only reason I am relating PPC’s unique selling points to banner advertising mostly is because they are the next best program to use online after pay per click advertising. Another problem with banner advertising is that when you buy an advert space on a website, you will know that your advert will only ever appear on just that website only. There are no variations on the websites you advertise on: you are locked down just to one website. Whereas, with PPC, you will know that the audience viewing your advert will be much larger. Your advert has the potential to appear on millions of publisher websites as well as Google’s search engine results. Therefore, again, the variation in displaying adverts, from Google inparticularly with AdWords and Adsense, cannot be beaten.

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