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Pay per click advertising is the most used form of advertising online. When it comes to answering why this is, there are many reasons. The 6 USPs of PPC Advertising [Part 1]The main fact is that PPC has developed a few unique selling points or ‘USP’s that have increased the incentive towards advertisers to use it. A USP is exactly what anything needs to separate themselves from others or, in PPC’s case, other forms of advertising such as in-text advertising, banner advertising and affiliate. Therefore, without prolonging it any further, here re the main unique selling points of pay per click advertising.  


‘Pay Per Click’

Separates PPC from banner advertising.

It kind of says it in the name. PPC is a great form of advertising because you only pay for just the results you get. Therefore, if your advert is displayed to millions or even billions of people, as long as none of them clicked on your advert, you won’t have to pay a penny, or a cent. This separates pay per click advertising away from banner advertising strongly: with banner advertising, you will not know how many clicks you are going to get. All you know is the amount of traffic that will see your advert such as in BuySellAds. In theory, you could spend alot of $$$s on buying an ad place and not get a single click. At least with PPC, you know you are safe when it comes to paying for results.



Millions of Publishers/Advertisers

Separates PPC from everyone.

When I say there are ‘millions of publishers/advertisers’, it is clear I am referring to the market leader in PPC and advertising online being Google AdWords. With AdWords accounting for over 95% of Google’s revenue, you can now understand why Google have made it such a good program. Looking back at the history of PPC and AdWords, it was one of the first mainstream PPC programs to appear starting back in 2000. Since then millions of advertisers and publishers use it now to gain the benefits of PPC. There is no other program out there with as many advertisers and publishers as Google AdWords…simple.



Quick and Easy

Separates PPC from everyone again.

A great USP of PPC is that you can literally create a campaign in less than five minutes. Whenever you use PPC, you will know that your time is being spent efficiently. What more, PPC is easy to understand too which, for people who have never used PPC, is a big USP – there are still advertisers out there that are not willing to move to better forms of advertising because they fear it will take to long to understand. This cannot apply to PPC.



This article has been forced to become split into a Part 1/2 article because there are so many USPs to PPC. I guess we can look at this as a good thing then and a little hint too that if you are not using PPC to advertise online, start using it now!

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