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Being one of the biggest markets which has suffered the least from the recession, the technology market is forever expanding into new unexplored areas. Everything is becoming smaller, faster, lighter, thinner, more efficient and cheaper. Now, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that PPC being an online form of advertising will in some way be affected by the innovation and invention carried out in technological markets. There are two effects the developing technology will have. The first being how it will directly affect PPC. The second is how will PPC react to this change in technology? Millions of users use PPC worldwide. For this reason, it seems right that advertising should be on par with the latest technology.


With technology becoming more and more advanced, the technology that was a year old is becoming cheaper as the years go by. For this reason, it is easier for people to become online. Somebody who couldn’t afford a £300 laptop will be able to afford it now because technology depreciates more than most products over the years. If more people are online, there is more traffic. Hopefully you should have sussed out the fact that more traffic means a wider potential audience to advertise to. Therefore, the advances in technology will have a positive affect to advertiser’s campaigns. They will provide many more consumers who are price sensitive about coming online the chance to come online for a lower price.


Its all good and fine with technology benefiting PPC. However, with Windows 8 coming out soon and the iPad 3 just recently launched, it is clear that PPC should take advantage of all this new technology to make it easier to become an advertiser through PPC. I’m directing my point at Google seeing as Adwords is their biggest earner and a market leader in PPC. Developing an app for Adwords or enhancing the features, there are many ways Google can improve upon Adwords.


For example, at the start of 2012, Google released a new Adsense layout for people viewing adverts on their much loved iPads. The adverts were designed to be viewed on iPads improving the conversion rates and CTR of the adverts being viewed. This is an example of Google adapting to the invention of technology being the iPad. From this, it is clear Google are trying to keep us advertisers updated. I just believe that Google are not using the full potential of new technology. For example, there is a form of advertising which gives your smartphone a notification alert when you walk in front of their store. The GPS in the smartphone gives your phone a notification of, for example, a special offer inside the store. Advertising with the newest technology is unknown territory which is why most businesses stay away from it. However, Google started PPC from nothing, who says they won’t start a new form of advertising in the future?

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