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Two different studies in 2013, one conducted by SurveyMonkey and another by iAcquire, found that 70 percent of all mobile searches led to action within one hour. That’s great news for online businesses that are thriving, but a wakeup call for those who aren’t on top of mobile readiness.

The very first computer search engine made its debut in 1989 compliments of Alam Emtage, but even he didn’t see what a big deal his creation would turn out to be. He failed to patent or protect it, which opened up the doors for Google to make it into a multibillion-dollar industry, complete with mobile capabilities.

In 2013, the mobile ad revenue for Google more than tripled, from $2.5 billion to $8 billion, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Search engine money is easy and it’s working.

Most Americans have a smartphone and 40 percent own a tablet. They’re using these mobile platforms more and more for everything, including purchases. The studies also revealed that if a site isn’t mobile-friendly, 40 percent of people who visit will quickly move on to another site.

Make multi-tasking work for you

Another interesting finding was that 40 percent of people reported watching TV while surfing the web on a mobile device, which means businesses need to grab and keep the attention of surfers. Whether we’re talking about quality content or PPC ads, you have a lot of competition.

Your consumers might have multiple tabs open (including those of your competitors), be watching a movie, or taking care of the kids. Since 45 percent of mobile users are between the ages of 18 and 29, we know they search daily, but what you need to know is what they’re searching for.

Many people (about 40 percent) are searching for e-commerce, which means they might be open for a sell. Maybe they’re looking for a good personal injury attorney, a bargain on a lipstick, or a pet groomer in the neighborhood.

Only 10 percent of consumers are specifically seeking online media outlets in all their searches. In other words, the shoppers are there, so it’s your job to reel them in with the right layout, responsive design, and advertising that works for your target market.

Ad shy

Perhaps surprisingly, 65 percent of people surveyed said they won’t click on an ad, but don’t let that discourage you. A whopping 50 percent of people who do click on ads actually think they’re clicking on “real” search results.

From Google to Bing, marketing that mimics search results is working to get clicks, but it’s up to you to provide relevant content from that point. Blame it on small screens or blended in-stream placement ads, but plenty of folks are clicking and open to being won over.

Just because a link has a sponsored logo doesn’t mean the user will see it, and that works in your favor. When it comes to advertising, getting people to click is only half the battle. You need to provide an experience that’s full circle in order to raise those conversion rates and build a loyal following.

Otherwise, it’s just click bait, and might even get a black-hat penalty.

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