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Carrying on my ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series, I last looked at Samsung with their Smart TVs and how they use PPC to advertise this new innovation of a TV. What we found was that Samsung included lots of USP keywords in their advert to differentiate their TVs from the market. This time, though, I will be looking at SuperCasino: an online casino website and how they use PPC to attract potential customers. One thing that is for sure is that SuperCasino need to benefit from PPC as much as possible seeing that their whole business is completely online.


To view SuperCasino’s text advert, I typed in ‘casio’ onto Google search results UK:

SuperCasino PPC Text Advert - Edited


When I typed in Casio into Google, I was expecting adverts on the brand name ‘Casio’. These can be seen below the SuperCasino advert with the organic homepage of Casio showing too. This makes clear that SuperCasino have bid for ‘casio’ as one of their keywords because, I guess, many people that try and type in ‘casino’ miss out the ‘n’ (maybe because the ‘n’ is by itself when you type out casino?). Either way, this has benefits and negatives:

  • The benefit is that they have top spot and no other competitors in the online casino market are bidding for the same keyword.
  • The negatives are that to get top spot on casio means they have to outbid the other adverts that are actually the casio brand. As well as this, the majority of people that type casio into Google will probably be looking for casio and not a casino.

It’s a risky strategy which can pay off if SuperCasino finds out that there are actually lots of people that misspell casino on Google.


Looking briefly at the content of the advert, they have used lots of numbers to make clear of the bonus potential new customers will have if they sign up with SuperCasino. Therefore, like with most adverts, they are using a financial incentive with a simple call to action, ‘Join Now!’.


After clicking on the advert, I came to the following landing page:

SuperCasino PPC Landing Page - Edited

Looking at the different types of landing pages out there,  this is a click through page. The aim of this page is to get the web user to click onto the button to move to another page which similar to that of a lead capture page (where you fill in information about yourself to sign up). What is interesting is that there is no individual button you have to click on. SuperCasino have made it so that the whole landing page is one big button: if you click anywhere on the landing page, you will move to the lead capture page. This brings a tip forward that if you are using a click through page as your landing page, you might want to think about making the whole landing page a link which moves the web user to another page if clicked anywhere. This will help gain extra traffic to the next page and makes the path to the next landing page as easy as possible for the web user. Ideally, you want to make the path for the web user as smooth and easy as possible in PPC.

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