Stumble Upon is a social networking community website. The concept behind social bookmark management is straightforward: instead of bookmarking website pages you enjoy, make sure that you access them by means of your web browser and simply you see them, you rather bookmark them to a bookmarking website such as Stumble Upon. This however saves the bookmark for you; however it also makes it possible for others to see what you discover helpful.

When you register with this social website, you make a user profile and determine specific categories according to your interest. For example, you might select “technology” or “health.” You will also have the ability to locate your buddies and become their followers, similar to you do on Twitter or Facebook. If you follow your friends, it will enable you to see their bookmarked WebPages.

What tends to make Stumble Upon so helpful is the “stumble” function at its center. When you check out the main page, you will notice a bar at the top which has a “stumble” button, along with other usual social networking icons, for instance comments and likes.

A number of the WebPages you will surf have been grouped by Stumble Upon, however some of the WebPages you will discover are ones that other people have saved as a favorite. Actually, when you land on a page that is somebody’s bookmark, the tool-bar at the very top will display you a user-name, that you simply can click to see more of that individual’s saved WebPages.

A very well-known website, for instance has its own Stumble Upon channel that enables you to surf through their site. This is a swift and straightforward approach to dig through your favorite websites and still reveal them with your buddies.

You are not restricted to sharing your preferred websites only on your user profile page. The tool-bar also presents you the ability to share the webpage straight on other social networking websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg and Facebook, etc.

For blog owners and companies, the website’s submission function allows you to instantly submit your website pages to the online community as one of your social bookmarks. With thousands and thousands of viewers daily, Stumble Upon is a highly effective channel for marketing your product, and it does not present the same penalties as other bookmarking websites such as Reddit, will prevent you from posting new WebPages if you are only posting your very own

Whether or not you decide to use it for personal entertainment or like a marketing project, Stumble Upon is assured to present you to WebPages and sites you most likely would not have noticed normally.

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