Stop Cyberbullying 01 Oct 2012

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The month of October is dedicated to stop cyberbullying online. At, we’ve teamed up with, and to prevent cyber bullying online.

Cyberbullying is cruel and hurts millions of children online each and every day.  This is a growing problem with all the social networks and with everyone going online.  We can’t stop this from happening but we can do everything in our power to limit this in our lives.  This month we all join together to “STOP Cyberbullying” online and become part of a bigger movement to make this world a better place.

If you believe your child is a victim of cyberbullying you should:

  • Believe your child.  Some parents do not believe that their child is a victim, the first step in helping them is believing they have problems and helping them.
  •  Become a “Friend” with your child on Facebook social network and any other social networking sites they are apart of.  Know what’s going on within their life.  Know who their friends are and get to know them online.  I would also get their password and look into their account every now and then so you know exactly what is going on in their life.
  •  Block the person who is bullying them.  If you login to their account and find that someone is hurting them, step up and block them from even seeing your children’s profile.  This won’t eliminate the problem but will start helping it.
  •  Report the person who is bullying your child.  Most schools have electronic notifications to help you do this online from the comfort of your living room.
  •  Call the police if the problem is serious.  This is a serious issue that could effect your child for the rest of their lives.  Get the problem solved early.
Join us this October to raise more awareness for all the people out there trying to stop cyberbullying online!


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