Sterkly Network

Sterkly is a performance based affiliate network that also specializes in software. Once accepted as an affiliate into the Sterkly network, you will have full access to their 350+ different offers in the network. Some of the popular and best performing offers on the network include PageRage and BestVideoDownloader, but of which accept traffic from various countries. In addition to these offers, you will also find plenty of download related offers, which can be gaming related or daily deals type of offers. The majority of the offers on Sterkly are available for traffic from many different countries. One of the benefits to joining Sterkly and running offers through their network is that Sterkly also makes a lot of downloadable offers themselves, which they allow internal affiliates to run first, before they get exposure from other networks and affiliates.

The Sterkly network currently has a 5 / 5  rating from a total of one review posted on the AffPaying network review site. If you are currently an affiliate or advertiser of their site, it would be great if you could leave feedback for anyone else looking for information on their network.

Something else you probably didn’t know about Sterkly, is that they also take pride in their social responsibility. The lion in their logo isn’t just for looks, when reading about the company on their site, you will come across the following. “As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we recently adopted a pride of lions through the Lion Conservation Fund from Africa.” Now that’s a network that keeps giving back and has a real logo with purpose.

Sterkly Offers

The Sterkly affiliate network is run off of the Cake Marketing platform, which is quickly becoming the platform of choice for affiliates and ad networks. There are also currently over 350+ different offers which can be found on their network. With offers ranging from gaming to daily deals, there are plenty of offers for you to choose from and most of these offers are available for several different companies. This is a huge plus for anyone who is familair with testing offers in one niche market, then expanding them out the different countries.

Sterkly Payments

Commissions and payments are sent out to Sterkly affiliates that have earned a $100 minimum threshold. This means that any affiliates who earn at least $100 in a given month will be sent payment. Payments are sent out through various methods, such as check, Paypal, wire, ACH (direct deposit). Payments are sent out on a Net 30 basis.

Sterkly Affiliate Managers and Contact Info

You can follow the main Sterkly affiliate network on Twitter at @Sterkly or through their Facebook Fan Page. You can also contact Sterkly directly at the following phone number and email address: 1-855-783-7559 or [email protected].

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