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PPC marketing has become one of the leading methods that advertisers use to get their ad viewed and clicked on by a large base of targeted consumers. However, as many advertisers quickly learn, PPC advertising is down right expensive. It is an advertising method that happens to only be justified when the return on the advertising costs greatly exceeds the expense associated with placing PPC ads.

Whether your company is selling the latest high tech products, or you are an attorney firm trying to direct potential clients to your business website, it is important to recognize that there are alternatives to PPC marketing methods. Fortunately, some of these methods are able to draw as large of a targeted consumer response as traditional PPC methods tend to do.

To make the situation even better for an advertiser, it is possible to still maintain smaller PPC campaigns, reduce advertising costs, and incorporate some of these alternative marketing approaches to radically improve your profit margin.

Using Email Lists

Do you know what is better than paying through the nose to constantly get new traffic to your website? It is having an entire horde of repeat customers. It is far easier to sell an already satisfied customer on more of your products than it ever will be to sell a new customer on their first product. The reason is because a company that goes out of its way to satisfy its customers the first, second and even more times around has built a solid consumer relationship with that customer that can be tapped time and time again.

For this reason, running a company newsletter on an email list through an autoresponder, which automatically delivers your campaign emails to all the clients on your list, is simply a fantastic idea. For starters, since these customers have joined your company’s email list, it means that they are willing to hear what you have to pitch to them through your daily, weekly, or even monthly email messages.

With an autoresponder, you can set up the frequency of messages and gently market new products to customers as you educate them about all sorts of things your company is all about. Consequently, even if you are heavily engaged in PPC marketing, if you are not picking up converted leads on your company email list to market to again and again, you are leaving huge piles of cash on the table. In addition, an email list allows you to stay connected and engage your customers on a fairly regular basis, helping you to build a relationship with these customers, which is what doing real business is all about.

The Social Approach to Marketing

Posting articles online, pinging them, and social bookmarking those article links are a free way for your company to sidestep paying huge costs in maintaining large PPC campaigns. The great thing is that this is a great way to get significant amounts of traffic to your website, and the great news is that you are not paying a commission to your favorite search engine every time someone clicks through one of your links.

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