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It is a known fact that pay per click advertising is most used by advertisers for search and display adverts on computers and similar devices such as laptops. The reason behind this is because these devices are the origin of PPC. When PPC was first officially created by Google back in 2000, adverts were only shown on desktop computers because that was the only internet-able device available to consumers at the time. However, technology has moved fast in fourteen years (yes, it’s been fourteen years since PPC was first created!). In fact, technology hasn’t just moved fast: it has moved at the speed of light. There are new technologies that have been introduced to PPC such as smartphones and tablets. Here is why you should start focusing your PPC efforts on a mobile campaign.



The Reach is Huge

The great thing about mobile PPC is that it is constantly growing (nearly exponentially!). This is why it is almost urgent that advertisers start to make mobile campaigns. For a few years now, it has been well publicised that desktops are fading away due to laptops and now laptops are fading away due to tablets! The desktop PPC reach is decreasing with the mobile reach increasing. If you don’t make a mobile campaign, you will be missing out on a rather large potential audience.


There are statistics that should make you want to create a mobile campaign such as 53% of smartphone users that search for something end up purchasing something. 53%! The statistics involving anything mobile will make you surprised. It is a booming market that does not look to be slowing down any time soon. Laptops replaced the desktop PC. Tablets are replacing the laptop. What can replace a tablet or a phone? It’s a market with long potential growth.



Touching is Better than Clicking

When it comes down to it, touching an advert will always feel better than clicking on one. The reason behind this is because touching an advert with your finger makes you feel more connected to the advert and its contents. Smartphones, tablets and touch screen devices allow this to happen (with touch screen laptops becoming increasingly popular too). Therefore, by running a mobile PPC campaign will enable your potential PPC traffic to interact much more easily with your advert and your landing page too. This will all result in a much better conversion rate.


The one drawback to mobile PPC campaigns has to be with its CPC. Since mobile PPC was introduced to such programs such as Adwords, its CPC was considerably lower than that of desktop’s CPCs. To counteract this, AdWords have been raising the CPC of mobile adverts to make it much closer to that of desktop CPCs. Of course, this is great for publishers but bad for advertisers!

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