WordPress is an amazing platform for both personal and professional sites. You know that and everyone else does. However, the speed of WordPress sites can be quite an issue. That is worth your concern because it can take a toll on repeat visitors and even affect subscribers. However, it shouldn’t get you too worried because drifting off the sluggish trend is an attainable feat. Speeding up your WordPress site doesn’t have to be a difficult task. We have the cheat sheet perfectly crafted for you!

It starts with the host

The choice of site host has a great influence on the speed of your site. You do not want to grow early grey hairs due to rampant downtime and slow speed on your site. If you can avoid shared hosting packages at the initial stages, it is better for you. For someone working on a tight budget, however, you can secure good, shared hosting plan from a reputable service provider. Many LasVegasWebDesignCo.com experts recommend BlueHost for beginners. You can be assured of great highspeeds and top-notch support from the developers.

Embrace Effective Cache Plugin

The essence of WordPress Plugins cannot be overemphasized. This is particularly evident when it comes to Cache plugins. These plugins speed up page load times, making the sites faster. Most, if not all, of these cache plugins are free. The least you can do is to take advantage of them. Many people prefer W3 Total Cache, which is undoubtedly easier to use and install. Upon installation and activation, you will begin to enjoy a faster site with enhanced page load times.

Optimise Home Page

With WordPress, it is easier to optimise the site’s Home Page to ensure a faster loading process. In most cases, the home page will serve as the landing page for many visitors so how fast it loads is a great concern. Just for the record, it isn’t a one-off agenda. It takes into consideration a series of actions that will no doubt leave your site faster and more accessible. So what do you need to do?

  • Consider showing excerpts as opposed to full posts
  • Limit the number of posts on this page to five
  • Discard unnecessary sharing Widgets on the Home Page
  • Keep it sleek and precise; visitors land here for quality content, not thousands of Widgets
  • Get rid of unnecessary plugins; they create unnecessary load

In the end, having a clean and presentable homepage will not only ensure an elegant design but also enhance the loadspeed.

Automatically Optimise Images

It is necessary to reduce the file size of images before uploading. Unnecessarily large images across the site have the effect of slowing down the speed of the site. Optimising individual images takes lots of time and no one wants that. Take advantage of WP-SmushIt and save yourself the unnecessary stress. It optimises every image as you upload it.

WordPress is a perfect platform, naturally. However, you can reap even more benefits from it when you ensure faster page loadspeeds. With these tips, you will be a step closer to achieving that.


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