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Some advertisers will see November as the most important month in a year when it comes to PPC advertising. It is the month when the theme of Christmas first starts to truly gather pace. Advertisers will therefore be adapting their campaigns to take advantage of the spending habits of millions of people wanting to buy gifts for others at Christmas. It is important not to make a mistake now in PPC because if you do, the impact of that mistake will be alot worse in November than most other months. To help you make the most of your campaign and prepare for Christmas, here are some of the best articles I produced on PPC.org from Novemeber.



Why You Shouldn’t Get Into PPC Bidding Wars

If I had to choose any article that applied to the Christmas holiday season, it would have to be this article. The CPC of most keywords will increase during the holiday season for the simple fact that more advertisers are wanting the traffic because the traffic they are bidding for is more likely to end in a conversion seeing that they are most likely online to buy something. However, advertisers should not bid over what they can afford. PPC bidding wars are extremely difficult to stop once you have started. This article will highlight some of the reasons to stop a bidding war from happening before it has even started.



[How to] Increase Conversion Rate On PPC Landing Pages 

A problem some advertisers face is that they are providing high quality traffic to their landing page. However, the process of the landing page converting the traffic to conversions is just not happening. The article should help in pointing out three areas that can apply to all advertisers that they should try and include when optimising their landing page for a high conversion rate. As well as the article being a simple solution to a conversion problems in PPC, it is also effective.



Infolinks 2012 Publisher Review – In-Text Advertising

I am one of many that loves to try out new forms of advertising to see if there are any real competitors to PPC. This led me onto looking into in-text advertising with the market leader of this form of advertising being Infolinks. Having looked at Infolinks in the past, I can see that Infolinks has really looked to improve its user interface and products to compete against PPC more. It’s a great read if you are intrigued into looking at different forms of advertising.



Media.net – A Competitor To Google Adsense

No surprise that I have reviewed two advertising programs in one month. However, this time, Media.net are a serious (and I mean serious) competitor to Google Adsense (and Adwords).  This is because of the companies that are running Media.net: Yahoo and Bing Network – two giants search engines. After trying them out, they offer alot more than Adsense does too – you even get your own Media.net expert to help you set up your adverts on your website for maximum earnings! If the publisher side is this good, so must the advertising side too.



There’s the top four best articles I believe I created in November 2012 that will benefit you the most. I hope this has proved useful to you like it has for so many other people.

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