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To carry on the series, here are the most useful and best picks of articles created on PPC.org from June 2015 ranging Some Useful PPC Articles From June 2015from the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series to many singular articles that provide lots of information to help advertisers improve and optimise their PPC campaign as well as understanding better pay per click advertising.


Display vs. Search Advertising: Which Should You Go For?

This is quite an interesting article because, for many advertisers, the choice between search and display may not be as black and white as it seems. For this reason, I highlighted some of the reasons to advertisers using search advertising and some of the reasons to advertisers using display advertising so you can get a better idea which network you may want to use.



Why Ad Extensions Improve Mobile PPC

I love ad extensions: I think they are a great addition to PPC that will benefit millions of advertisers and web users. Ad extensions are great for mobile PPC because they, in theory, cut out the middle man to a conversion (being a landing page) so the conversion rate of mobile campaigns with ad extensions rocket upwards.



Why You Need To Constantly Update Your PPC Campaign

With some advertiser’s pay per click advertising campaigns, they will create it and then just leave it to run for a set amount of time. Yes, at first the results will be good. However, over time, you will start to notice your results will drop off because as time changes, your campaign needs to change with it and not stay stagnate. In this article, I outline the reasons why you need to always update a PPC campaign so that whenever you have a PPC campaign online and active, it is concurrent with times and will be at its full potential whenever running.



Analyse A Real PPC Campaign Series

June has a great selection of articles from the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series which are all bullet pointed below:

  • Sky Store – The campaign, on the whole, is well optimised. However, it is not perfect which is made clear in the article as there are a few areas Sky could have improved with this campaign to have made it that bit better.
  • Tesco Bank – Although the search advert is okay, the campaign goes downhill when we click onto the landing page, which does not make use of the available space above the fold efficiently and contains small text which no-one likes with important things like loans!
  • Summer Clothing – I thought I would change things up with this article and just analyse the landing pages for the search campaigns that appeared for ‘buy summer clothing’. Out of the series, this article is the most interesting.
  • thetrainline – It became apparent that there were different incentives from the norm to why thetrainline made a PPC campaign since they ranked organically number one already.


There’s the top seven articles I believe I created in June 2015 that will benefit you the most. I hope this has proved useful to you like it has for so many other people.

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