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Looking at other forms of advertising can be seen as crucial from an advertiser’s perspective. Why? Not every form of advertising is perfect although PPC is close to being it. From analysing and looking at other forms of advertising, you are able to pick up key strengths and weaknesses of it which you can use yourself within PPC. One advertising program not many advertisers look at is Adsense. However understanding the other/publisher side to PPC will help to improve your advertising campaign too. Here are the best articles from July 2012 featuring some diversifying articles as well as PPC articles.



5 Factors Which Can Affect Your PPC Campaign

Most advertisers will set up a campaign and run it without bearing in mind the obstacles that might approach and hinder their progress. This article points out the five biggest potential obstacles your campaign might run to. Therefore, with the help of contingency planning, you can reduce the deficit of the obstacles or completely miss the obstacles at all.



6 Proven Ways to Increase Adsense CPC

Looking at the publisher side to PPC, here are six ways publishers would increase their Adsense account’s CPC which would increase their overall earnings. From an advertiser’s perspective, it makes clear what publishers look to change on their websites. It also makes clear that publishers are constantly trying to reduce click fraud and more variables to gain higher CPCs. From this, advertisers can see the type of websites they are advertising on from choosing a higher CPC.



[How to] Make an Advert Not Look Like an Advert

It’s the million dollar article. If advertisers could make their adverts not look like adverts, imagine the conversion and click through rates they would achieve! Within this article, I describe how to improve your advert be it text and image. With text adverts, it is a lot harder to not make them look like an advert. However, with image adverts, there is a lot more freedom in the designing of image adverts which in turn will help make your advert not look like an advert.



[How to] Get Maximum SEO Exposure to an Article Online

This article can potentially change the way you write articles online for the rest of your life. With two points which you can include when writing articles online, you can gain maximum exposure to your article increasing the traffic to it dramatically. For advertisers that question SEO vs PPC, this article will prove very helpful in gaining the best results out of a SEO campaign.



Three Benefits and Drawbacks to Banner Advertising

Most advertisers that use PPC won’t ever have used banner advertising for the fact that PPC is so dominant in online advertising. However, it is good to be curious about other forms of advertising with it being banner advertising this time. Here are three benefits and drawbacks to banner advertising that ultimately makes it second best to PPC.



There’s the top five best articles I believe I created in July 2012 that will benefit you the most. I hope this has proved useful to you like it has for so many other people.


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