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With us already gone past the second month of the new year, there are now lots of new PPC articles to Some Useful PPC Articles From February 2013help with improving a PPC campaign. Sometimes, when it comes to finding help online, you might think it is not helpful continually reading helpful articles on PPC on a regularly basis. However, there are no campaigns out there that are one hundred percent perfect. By this, I mean that there is always room for improvement. The below articles from PPC.org, as well as been a good read, can have the potential to find that ‘room for improvement’.


Why PPC Is The Best Source Of Traffic

Although not normally a problem, some advertisers still need convincing when it comes to using PPC (mostly the ‘old-fashion’ advertisers not use to 21st century advertising). This article explains why pay per click advertising is the best source of traffic and if it is the best source of traffic online, it will provide the best results too.



Quality In PPC Over Quantity

There is an argument whether you should aim for high CPC keywords to gain better traffic (and therefore a better conversion rate) or gain as much traffic with the lowest paying keywords knowing that even though the conversion rate will drop, the increase in traffic will make up for it. Ultimately, it really does depend on your campaign’s circumstances: some campaigns will be better implementing a quality approach while others would find it far better going for quantity. Either way, this article will explain both quality and quantity in PPC.



Why Your PPC Landing Page’s Loading Time Matters

Why does your campaign have a low conversion rate? It is your keyword selection? Your advert? Or the type of landing page you have used? All could be valid reasons along with the landing page’s load time. The longer it is, the more likely your PPC traffic will click away out of boredom. This is why you should always make sure your landing page loads fast.



Has BuySellAds Improved Enough To Match Google?

We all know that PPC is one of, if not, the best way to advertise online. However, there are close runners-up to this with this article looking at BuySellAds who currently lead the banner advertising market. BuySellAds have always tried to compete against PPC and Adwords/Adsense with them constantly innovating the way we look and use banner advertising.



Three Elements A Landing Page Must Have

Already, I have looked at how the landing page’s loading time can affect your conversion rate. What you actually have on the landing page will also affect the conversion rate too. This article was designed for those new to PPC to get an idea about what should be on a landing page or not: you don’t want to be wasting space and time putting something on your landing page which will not benefit you in anyway whatsoever.



There’s the top five best articles I believe I created in February 2013 that will benefit you the most. I hope this has proved useful to you like it has for so many other people.

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