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We all spend some time working the Google machine, do we not?  I thought it would be beneficial to get on here and rant about what things suck, so you can know to avoid it as much as possible!

1.  I want to view all of my enabled ads.  Not all the paused ones and the enabled ones, but just the ones I am using.  I can view all my other enabled stuff, so why not ads?  For crying out loud Google, what a pain.

2. I want to download graphs.  Obviously, I am going to want to show this stuff to people, so why do I have to stay in the login browser?  That never works as smoothly as liked.  Download, then email to client.

3. I like to be able to keep the trial run of things in a separate place than my real stuff, to see how things are trending, let a clients see how the campaign will work, look at specific metrics, etc.  Why do I have to delete my old sitelinks then add a new one?  Why not just pause?

4. Changing history for CPA bid automation makes me want to wreck the internet.  Kidding.  But in all reality, this crazy tool that supposedly is helping us in the background, adjusting based on who knows what, is not as good as just putting bid adjustments in change history so we can view and trust what they are doing?  I would use this tool more if it was changed!


Sorry for the rant guys, but hopefully if you find ways around this stuff, you can drop us a line!

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