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It’s true. When I browse for certain articles online, I end up coming across articles that tell me exactly what I want to know but in thousands of Some Quick And Easy PPC Tipswords. I don’t want to be hours reading an article that can be summed up in a few sentences! For this reason, I am going to make this article on PPC tips quick and easy to read. You can choose to just read the titles and then decide if you want to read the paragraph below it. PPC tips are quick and simple ways to improve your campaign. You will find that you might not be doing all of the tips outlined below. If this is the case, you have just found an area of your campaign you can improve upon.



Make Sure Your Landing Page Is Fast

Web users will be most judgemental of your landing page in the first three seconds of viewing it. If, once they have clicked on your advert, spent several seconds waiting for your landing page to load, they will simply exit and look elsewhere. Making sure your landing page loads fast reduces the chances of web users getting bored and exiting. What you can try to do, to make your landing page load fast, is run less JavaScript and HTML (get rid of the junk).



Stop Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are basically keywords that you don’t want to bid for because they do not produce high conversion rates. By adding keywords with a low conversion rate (which could be for many reasons…) to the negative keyword list will result in you bidding for higher quality keywords which have a better chance of converting. Therefore, your campaign will become more successful.



Set Realistic Objectives

A common problem with many PPC campaigns is that advertisers set themselves to pessimistic or optimistic goals to gain from their campaign. Advertisers need to understand the potential success of their campaign. If they think their campaign is going to have more success than they will ever have, they will change the campaign to try to optimise the campaign so that it reaches the optimistic goal. The actual fact is that if the advertiser tries to optimise a campaign that is reaching its maximum potential, it will only hinder it.



Always Add A Location

To be fair, this tip will only apply to local businesses. PPC allows advertisers to target their adverts at certain locations so that only people in that location can view the advert. For example, if you are an advertiser that is a window fitting service for New York, you can make it that only people near or close to New York are the only people that will view your adverts. It is a great idea to add location to your PPC campaign because so many dollars are wasted from displaying adverts to web users that are, locationally, never going to gain you a conversion.

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