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Its always a tough thought for all of us to think of our flaws and what we have done wrong.  Luckily, I am find pointing out all of YOUR faults and things you have done wrong.  Ok, maybe I am kidding myself, we have all done these to some extent, but if you want to have a successful career in PPC, this might be one you want to read through.  Lets look at some common big-picture mistakes to make sure we all avoid.

1.  Checking campaign settings pretty much…..never.

Please check your settings people. It is so easy to opt in to something or pick any number of decisions that are costing you money without you even realizing it, or even worse, your notice it and it kills you. We have all had a big budget and created an unexpected cost that we had no idea was coming, due to us wanting to “shoot the moon.”  Depending on your budget, ect, some of the small mistakes that you make with campaign settings could end up costing you thousands if not more money.

2. Forgetting about desktop editors.

This is easy.  It makes your more efficient, and makes your time go more smoothly so you can spend your resources making more money.  Just because your returns are going up, doesn’t mean that they could not go up FASTER.  This is NOT an “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” situation.  Look at the big picture and forget about the small fish you are trying to fry.  If you are not recording progress, etc, and just changing things on the fly, then your could be sabotaging yourself without even knowing it.

3.  Thinking you do not need to build relationships well right from the start.

Don’t be an introvert.  Don’t be exclusive in your little hole.  One of the best affiliate marketers and PPC experts that I know on the planet reached out to the best minds in the business for help, right from the top, and offered his services for a change to learn from the best.  He was not lazy about this, and took it seriously.  Don’t think of it as a shallow relationship that is only predicated on your selfish desires, these relationships you build from the start are mutually beneficial.  When you are getting direct feedback from an expert on what you could improve, we tend to appreciate it and make it worthwhile for both parties.


I hope that we can all take a look in at these basic tips on what to avoid, and all start being more successful.

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