This article, I would like to spend a little time talking about some constructive feedback concerning Google’s Enhanced Campaigns.  While most of the cool changes that we are seeing will be for the better, and are great, I just felt like being in a negative mood today.

Ok really, I am not being negative, but here is some stuff we should run by everyone.

Budget Buckets are a segmentation originated idea, but they lack some of the functionality to make them really work the way I would like to see.  Not being able to set daily budgets is a bit stupid, frankly.  Most of the time when we sit down with clients, or we have a budget meeting, we set numbers for a daily basis on what can be afforded or allocated to a certain account daily, not just a general account of an overall budget.  I would bet that in the long run, this portion of the Enhanced Campaigns will be altered quite a bit before we see the final Enhanced Campaigns product, if you will.

Another beef, per se, is something along the lines of confusion as to why lots of those Enhanced Campaign Changes were only applicable to the full Adwords Interface, and not to the Express interface.  It seems that this would target the right client better.  Obviously, we can’t have all of these things the same on both interfaces, as the enterprise customers will probably feel taken, but I do find it odd that there weren’t more features built into the Express Adwords Interface.

With these two things somewhat annoying all of us, we just need to wait around until the Enhanced Campaign product is finished, as well as adapt and figure out what will be the best for you.  We are PPC people after all, so we should be able to adapt and change what we are doing based on circumstances.

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