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The last article to be analysed in the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series was Dove. What we found from their campaign was that simplicity in the search advert can be the catalyst to the performance of it while the landing page was well optimised. Although it is against Twitter’s terms and conditions to buy followers, there are many services that promote the engagement of Twitter profiles with the Twittersphere (which indirectly helps to increase the follow count). I will be looking at one of these services which is called SocialBro.


To view SocialBro’s PPC search advert, I had to type into Google search UK, ‘get twitter followers’:

SocialBro PPC Search AdvertIt is interesting that SocialBro are the only people bidding for such a crucial key term as ‘get twitter followers’. This begs the question why SocialBro have done this (which is answered below):

  • To increase their ranking. SocialBro are not on the first page of results so to get traffic for this key phrase, they will need to use PPC.
  • To give web users access to links on SocialBro using the site link extension.

The potential reason why others have not got PPC adverts for such a keyword might be because they are already ranking quiet high organically and do not see the benefits of PPC to outweigh the cost of it.

Looking at the advert, SocialBro have been clever in a few areas of the advert:

  • The title mentions the brand name and URL of SocialBro. This means if people do not click on it and scroll down the page to see the alternatives, they are likely to remember the brand name and URL so that they can directly visit the site: free of charge for SocialBro too.
  • The description has two call to actions in it. For a general rule of thumb, the best adverts in PPC have 1-2 call to actions in them to evoke an action from the web user: a click.

After clicking on the above advert, I came to the following landing page:

SocialBro PPC Landing PageThe first thing I notice about this landing page is that it is a click through page. This is great for SocialBro as the majority of the attention needs to be allocated to the button that needs to be clicked on to gain the conversion. The fact I saw this was a click through page straight away makes clear they have done well already.

Another good point about the landing page is the list of reasons to use their service. At this point for the web user, they are interested in SocialBro but are not sure whether to use them. The bullet points give the web users seven reasons to use their service which go more indepth with images and content below the fold of the page. This, all in all, makes for a great landing page.

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