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Nearly every company has a website nowadays. From law firms and real estate offices, to social media sites and job boards, the World Wide Web is the one place where almost every business presents itself.

In order to gain attention in this vast marketplace, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns have skyrocketed in recent years. Here are some of the reasons for this trend.

1. Buyers of ad space get more traffic to their website

The most obvious way that PPC advertising will profit your business is in the increased web traffic that results from people seeing your firm advertised on other websites. The social and functional aspects of modern Internet traffic align to create a fluid and instantly gratifying flow of ads to catch the eyes of people surfing the web.

The percentage of people who click on a link to your business’s home page will increase when an ad for your site puts access to it right at the tips of their fingers.

2. Websites that sell PPC space tend to be promoted more by search engines

Many PPC ad campaigns are funded or organized by search engines who act as a middleman. The search engine companies have an understandably increased investment in the businesses that pays them to get those ads out to the world.

So the host website — the one that allows the advertisement for other websites or products to appear on its page — will be promoted in turn by the search engine. Thus it will appear much higher on the list of search engine results, which typically drives up traffic to the advertised sites as well.

3. Sellers of ad space can fund and profit from their website

Because websites can be paid and sometimes turn a profit from selling PPC advertising space, there has been an increasing trend of nonprofits or charity organizations joining small businesses and start-ups in funding their website’s domain or blog and turning a small profit from ad space sales.

4. PPC ads tend to run on websites that monitor consumer interests

Because PPC ad campaigns are funded mostly through search engines as described above, they can continuously monitor the likes, dislikes, and search engine history/data of the users of the host website. This allows the target audience of those who pay for the PPC ads to be reached, because the search engine begins to advertise products more likely to pique the reader’s interest.

5. People who don’t click on an ad still see it

To be honest, few people who see an advertisement on a website will actually click on it. But that doesn’t mean they don’t see it. The poster or virtual flyer will still be perceived and the information conveyed by the marketing campaign will still be shown to the host website’s readers.

6. PPC ads can reach anyone at any time, and anywhere, in the world

This is the biggest advantage that PPC ad campaigns have over most other types of campaign, whether they’re hard copies of posters, flyers, television commercials, or even listserv e-mail campaigns.

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