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Hey everybody, its time to get on the horse here with another holiday blog post about how we can make you all some more money and find all the success, supermodels, fast cars, big mansions, etc, that you could ever dream of with PPC and such.  Ok, ok, I may be overreaching here, but we definitely want to remind you of some ways that you can increase conversion rate and such.

One of the biggest things for conversion that I have noticed that gets overlooked is site speed.  Being in the Data Center and Webhosting world for 5 years previously taught me this in a huge way.  Typically, you will want to look at your average page load time, and see if there is anything you can do to speed things up and get your quality score review better.

Google told us way back in 2008 that site speed would play a role in your QS.  According to several sources that I have personally seen in the past, you could be looking at at least a 16% conversion rate reduction for anything taking longer than 3 seconds to load.  If you are running a 6 second or higher load time, you could literally be cutting yourself off at the waist.  Your conversions could literally be cut in half.  All of the past blog articles, all of the past PPC work that you have done, could literally be for half of the result.  This is astounding.  Although, we should probably expect it, as people live in an era where they expect things NOW.

Google analytics has a simple tool that can measure site load speed, that would be a good place to start.  If you are not giving the site speed you need, there could be a number of reasons why.  First, it could be your internet connection where you are at.  Chances are, you are like me and demand only the best, though.  Second, take a look at your hosting platform and provider.  Are you on a mom and pop shop provider with a shared platform between 500 other people on a 4 year old server with only 1G of RAM?  That may be your next place to look.  Lastly, look to code to see if anything could be sped up there.

People want to see your website to see it NOW, not to see it later.  DO NOT MAKE PEOPLE WAIT TO GIVE YOU MONEY!


Thanks guys. Please put this info to good use, and let us know how everything helps you out!

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