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Listed here are some easy techniques you can apply at the moment to considerably increasing your PR within the next couple weeks.  Now you won’t be able to see these changes until the next PR updatethat is expected in June of this year.  It’s estimated to be

  • Expected PR Update date: 30 Jun – 2 July, 2012

You can prepare for the PR update by following the following PR update steps.


Google wants to provide highly relevant information to the internet user. As a result, if you need to increase your PR, you have to assume like a consumer. When you’re publishing some articles on your blog site, think about if it is an excellent content or not. Will buyer remain on your site to read it all? Will it lead him to go through more of the relevant articles you published earlier? Will his encounter with your site be a gratifying one? If you feel yes than you can consider your content as of high quality.

Content, Content, Content.  Have you heard it enough.  If you want to have a nice PR ranking then you need to be producing a ton of content.  Not only should you create a TON of content but make that content really good and something that people will want to link too.  If you have good content then people will link to you.  If people link to you it’s them sharing the value of their post with your post.  The more people that link to you the higher your PR rank will be.  The more established people that are linking to you the better it will be for your site.

Web Directories

Due to the fact that web directories are being supervised by people, only top quality sites are being accepted for syndication. It makes it simpler for Google to list those web directories and have faith in the sites detailed there. When publishing to internet directories, you have to ensure that your site is in accordance with the submission recommendations.

I have had mixed results with these.  Don’t do a ton of them but do build up a fair amount of them over time.  Make sure that slow and easy will win the race much faster then fast and nothing.  Keep in natural.


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