Google is constantly making efforts to simplify the way Google AdWords can be used by advertisers in a more effective manner.

Digital marking is at its peak, wherein everyone (which include both businesses and individuals) is looking forward to making use of advanced digital marketing techniques to connect with a large number of people so that they can easily advertise or promote their products and services.

Google AdWords is one of the most effective tools for digital marketers when it comes to attracting more and more customers towards their business. Yes, the PPC campaigns carried out by search engine marketing professionals help them in connecting with all the potential customers through their ads who are looking for similar products and services.

Now Google has gone a step further to help marketers when it comes to connecting with the potential customers. In March 2017, Google announced that it will be making some really crucial changes in the way the Exact Match Type works in AdWords. Google said that it will be considering close variants for exact match keywords.

The latest Google AdWords update will offer significant help to both search engine marketing professionals and people who are looking for the products and services promoted by them through their ads.

Let’s Take A Brief Look At How Keyword Match Types Work In AdWords

Whenever digital marketing professionals design PPC ad campaigns, they have to make use of different match types that include broad match and exact match, which are nothing but keyword matching options. Now if you go for broad match type, it will help in showing your ad for all the related search quires associated with the keyword targeted by you in the ads.

For example, if the keyword targeted by you is ‘ladies handbags’ and if the searchers type ‘good handbags for ladies’ or beautiful handbags for ladies, your ad will be displayed in the search results. Even though the keyword targeted by you is somewhat different from what the searchers are looking for, it will be shown in the search results because you have opted for broad match type.

The broad match type makes it easier for you to connect with more people because your ads are seen by a variety of searchers who are looking for similar things.

However, on the other hand, if you go for exact match type option, your ad will be displayed in the search results if the searchers look for even more specific queries. For example, if the keyword that you are targeting is ‘men’s watches’ your ad will be shown to searchers if they search ‘watches for men’ because the meaning is same.

Now Exact Match Type Will Show Results Even For Close Variants

What Google has decided now is, the exact match type will now ignore functional words and will consider rewording if the meaning stays the same to show the search results for the queries entered by the searchers in the search box. Many times it happens that people fail to type functional words such as prepositions, articles, and conjunctions while typing their queries in the search box, so Google has decided to ignore them when it comes to displaying search results for exact match keywords.

Google’s this step will be advantages to marketers as well as customers or audiences who are looking for the same things (which are promoted by businesses through their ads) but fail to enter the right keywords. For example, if you want to search ‘Malls in New York City’ but you end up typing ‘New York City Malls’ you will see all the relevant ads regarding your query in the search results.

It means, even if you forget to type functional words like ‘in’ (as in the case of malls in New York City) Google will easily ignore this and will show the exact results for it. This means it will be a great help for marketers when it comes to preparing the list if the keywords for PPC campaigns. They do not have to prepare a long list of keywords for targeting potential customers when it comes to creating ads for their products and services.

The best part about this update is that Google will consider rewording, which means if the keyword targeted by you and the query entered by a searcher have the same meaning, it will show your ad in the search results.

Well, the step taken by Google to include close variants for exact match type will surely help businesses and individuals to take their digital marketing initiatives to a next level.

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