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In the current economic crisis we are facing where the world is about to enter a double recession, we are all feeling the pinch in our wallets. This unfortunately causes us to cost-cut reducing budgets which basically makes us live more efficiently. We see advertising not as a necessary therefore it is always the first part of a business that will be cut down on. This is a problem by itself. But, that is not what this article is about. Businesses usually run multiple PPC campaigns advertising different aspects of their business. The question is if you do want to budget, should you join your PPC campaigns together?

Joining campaigns can be risky if misjudged but also could have benefits too. Merging campaigns is like merging businesses together: there are certain types of mergers that can happen:


Vertical Integration

This is where two businesses at different stages of the production/distribution chain merge. For a PPC campaign, this could be an advertising campaign on a chocolate bar merging with a supermarket advertising campaign. The two PPC campaigns are unrelated and in different sections of the market. This can be a risky business combining a campaign about two separate products/services into one. It will be hard to define each one from the other which will confuse the reader and make the USP (unique selling point) of each product/service less noticeable. Generally, if you want to join two PPC campaigns together that are unrelated and not targeting the same market, don’t!


Horizontal Integration 

This is where there is a merger between two firms in the same market at the same stage of production or distribution. For a PPC campaign, this is where an advertiser join two campaigns together that are aiming the same (or near enough the same) product/service at the same target market. This type of merger between campaigns will increase the power you have in advertising into that market as well as having the synergy effect (two things together are worth more than they are separately: 1+1 = 3). It is a safe route for anyone wanting to cut their advertising budget down as you are still aiming the same products/services at the same market: just on a lower scale of magnitude.


Let me make clear that cutting down on your advertising budget should never happen first. Don’t think a PPC campaign has the lowest priority to your business because it is what brings the targeted traffic, sales, conversions and in the end, profit! To some extent, it could even be said a business’ PPC campaign should be the last thing the business cuts it’s budget on. It’s vital for success. Even so, if you choose to cut it, make sure you try to stay away from vertical integration as it is far riskier than horizontal. Anyway, seeing as you are cutting the budget and merging campaigns, lowering risk should be your priority.

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